Corporate Code Theft From Indie Developers Likely Widespread

Patrick Wardle has a problem — his code keeps turning up in commercial software projects without his permission.

Helium Called Out for Being Dishonest About Its Clients and Partners

Helium has been lauded as a Web3 success story, but the company has egg on its face after being dishonest about who its customers are.

Twitter CEO Shakes Up Executive Team Ahead of Musk Buyout

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal has made changes to his executive team, getting rid of two top executives.

AT&T the First Carrier to Use GPS for 911 Location

AT&T claims it is the first US carrier to switch over to using GPS for 911 location.

Apple Hires Law Firm to Crack Down on Unionizing Efforts

In the wake of Atlanta store employees petitioning the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to become a union, Apple has hired a law firm to fight back.

Experts Warn the EU’s DMA Will Break Encryption

Another day, another attack on encryption, with security experts warning the EU’s DMA legislation will likely break, or severely weaken, encryption.

EU Prepares to Crack Down on Big Tech, Unveils Sweeping Measures

The European Union has unveiled sweeping measures to crack down on Big Tech and increase competition across the industry.

Google Is Crippling Recent Pixels, Refusing to Enable C-Band 5G

Google is refusing to update recent Pixel smartphones with C-band 5G, despite the fact the hardware can support it.

Apple’s M1 Ultra Is a CPU Beast, But GPU Not So Much

Apple’s latest M1 processor is an absolute beast in CPU performance, but its graphics performance doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

Locked Out of Facebook? Blame Facebook Protect

Some Facebook users are reportedly unable to log in to their accounts, and it appears a new security feature may be to blame.

Google Cloud Issue Responsible For Discord and Spotify Outage

Discord and Spotify are back online following an issue with Google Cloud that impacted both services.

Apple Recorded Some Siri Interactions, Even If the Setting Was Disabled

Apple has said it inadvertently recorded some customers’ Siri interactions, even when the setting was disabled.

US Carriers Deny Blocking iCloud Private Relay — Mostly

Following reports that T-Mobile was blocking Apple’s iCloud Private Relay, all three major US carriers have denied actively blocking it — for the most part.

Microsoft Pulls Out of CES 2022

Microsoft is the latest company to pull out of CES 2022 over concerns about the omicron COVID variant.

AWS Experiences Third Outage This Month

AWS has experienced its third outage this month, impacting yet more sites and services.

DirecTV Prices Going Up in January

DirecTV is raising its streaming and satellite TV packages starting in January.

Android Games Coming to Windows in 2022

Google is bringing a native Android gaming experience to Windows in 2022, straight from the Google Play Games app.

Microsoft Making it Easier to Change Windows 11 Default Browser

Microsoft appears to be listening to feedback and criticism, making it easier to change the default web browser in Windows 11.

Patreon Building Video Product to Help Creators Break Free of YouTube

Patreon is working on a video platform to help creators break free of their reliance on YouTube, a move that could have a major impact on the market.

Microsoft Backtracks, Makes .Net 6 Hot Reload Will Be Multi-Platform

Microsoft has backtracked on a controversial decision that upset its own employees and the open source community.