Microsoft’s Bad Habits Are Back As It Forces Edge On Users

Whatever goodwill Microsoft has earned in recent years by playing nice is rapidly evaporating, thanks to a particularly aggressive update.

Volkswagen Experiencing Software Issues and Delays With ID.3

Volkswagen is having trouble with the software in its all-electric ID.3, leading to delivery delays.

The Case for Net Neutrality: AT&T Favoring HBO Max Over Netflix

AT&T is not counting access to HBO Max against customers’ mobile data plans, unlike Netflix or competing services.

Facebook Could Make Half of Positions Permanently Remote

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that up to half of the company’s positions could permanently shift to remote work.

Apple Will Allow Push Notification Advertising

iPhone and iPad users may soon be receiving advertising via push notifications, according to Apple’s latest App Store review guidelines.

iOS Users Can Purchase Amazon Content In-App

iOS users can finally purchase Amazon Prime Video content in-app, significantly improving the user experience.

Coronavirus: Google Scrambling to Catch Up to Trump’s Announcement

President Trump surprised Google Friday, saying the company was working on a coronavirus web portal. Now the company is scrambling to catch up.

Coronavirus: Microsoft Encourages Employees to Telecommute

Microsoft is joining the ranks of companies urging its employees to work from home in an effort to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Galaxy Z Flip May Be Another Flop For Samsung

Samsung has not had the greatest success with its foldable phone efforts. Its original Galaxy Fold was plagued with problems and now its Galaxy Z Flip is failing durability tests.

Windows 10X Updates—In Under 90 Seconds

In what is a major quality-of-life improvement, Windows 10X updates will take less than 90 seconds. Much of this is due to the way the OS is designed.