Mobile App Usage Up 30%, Hits 4.2 Hours Per Day

A new report shows how much mobile app usage has grown during the pandemic, reaching 4.2 hours per day, a 30% increase over 2019.

India Wants WhatsApp to Abandon Its Planned Privacy Changes

India has asked WhatsApp to reconsider its announced privacy changes, the latest backlash the company is facing.

WhatsApp Delays Privacy Changes Amid Backlash

Facebook’s WhatsApp has announced it will delay its privacy policy changes, amid one of the biggest waves of backlash the company has faced.

WhatsApp Introduces New Broadcast Feature for Group Chat

WhatsApp recently unveiled a new feature that Telegram users will have no trouble recognizing. WhatsApp users will now be able to create a one-way broadcast communication stream. With this new feature, only the administrator or owner will be able to…

SOPA / PIPA: Danny Sullivan Gets Creative In Contacting His Senator

Yesterday’s SOPA Blackout prompted people to contact their Congressional representatives in unprecedented numbers. Phones rang nonstop, websites went down, and social media accounts were flooded. Some members of Congress, though, were a bit insulated from the flood simply because their…

New York Times-Owned Paper Puts Paywall Around Online Content, the website for the Worcester Telegram & Gazette in Massachusetts, which is owned by the New York Times Company, has now put up a paywall. On, users are granted with a message, which reads: