The Subscription Economy Is Taking Over The World, Says Gainsight CEO

“What’s happening is that the subscription economy is just taking over the world,” says Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta. It shows up for our consumer lives with Netflix, Amazon, etc. It shows up at work as well. Because of that, all of those companies just can’t afford to just sell to their customers and move on.”

Tableau With Salesforce Supercharges Our Organizations, Says Salesforce CEO

“The third cornerstone of digital transformation is the analytics and the visualization and the business intelligence to see everything in your company,” says Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff. “There’s no more amazing company in that category then Tableau whose mission is to make sure that the world can see and understand data.”

Google BigQuery Helps Show How Weather Influences Shopping

Interactions, a marketing firm for supermarket chains and big box stores, announced some interesting findings based on analysis with Google’s BigQuery and Tableau, measuring the effects of major weather events on sales. “This case study is just the first analysis…