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Spain Fines Apple and Amazon For Anti-Competitive Behavior
Spain is fining Amazon and Apple 194.1 million euros ($218.03 million) for anti-competitive behavior surrounding Amazon being an Apple reseller....
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Spain Advocated for An All-Out Ban on End-to-End Encryption
As the EU grapples with a proposal to enforce message scanning, leaked information reveals Spain has advocated for a total ban on end-to-end encryptio...
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Law That Forced Google News To Shut Down In Spain Has Really Screwed Things Up
Back in December, Google announced that it was shutting down Google News in Spain as the result of a new law in that country that requires every Spani...
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Google Not Getting Rid Of News Results In Spain [Report]
It’s been an interesting saga for Google News in Spain over the past couple weeks. Google announced it would shut down Google News on December 1...
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Google News Closure Already Hurting Publishers [Report]
As you may know, Google announced it would shut down Google News in Spain today as a new law takes effect, requiring such services to pay publishers t...
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Should Google News Be Shut Down In Spain?
Publishers aren’t fond of the idea of not having Google News to send them traffic, it would seem. Who knew? Last week, Google announced it would...
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Google News Is Shutting Down In Spain
Google announced that it’s going to be shutting down Google News in Spain as the result of a new law in that country. The company has faced turb...
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Microsoft Launches Cortana In More Countries
Microsoft announced today that it is launching Cortana (its Siri competitor) in four new countries in Europe: France, Italy, Germany, and Spain. ̶...
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Miss Spain, Patricia Yurena, Comes Out As Gay Over Instagram
In the digital age, when a celebrity wants to make a big personal announcement, Instagram is the go-to medium. Patricia Yurena, also known as Miss Spa...
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Treasure Hunting Family Strikes Gold in Florida
The Schmitt family, who made national news over Labor Day weekend in 2013 after salvaging 60 feet of gold chain off the coast of Fort Pierce, Florida,...
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‘Google Tax’ Law Could Lead Google To Shut Down Google News In Spain
Spain reportedly passed a law last week that requires sites linking to articles published by those in the country’s newspaper association with s...
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Andrés Iniesta Says The Netherlands Was Simply Better Than Spain
Netherlands win on Friday may have ended Spain’s six-year reign as the best football team in the world. Andres Iniesta, Spain’s central midfielder...
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Iker Casillas: Not The Goalkeeper He Once Was?
5-1. It’s a scoreline that stunned World Cup watchers across the globe. But then, who wouldn’t be stunned? Spain has become practically synony...
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Letizia Ortiz, Future Queen Of Spain, Most Fashionable Royal?
Letizia Ortiz is about to give Kate Middleton a run for her money. From her humble beginnings as a news reporter, to being the news itself, Ortiz, the...
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Spanish Bulls Gore Three Matadors, Bullfight Called Off
Two Spanish bulls were the victors in a bullfight held at the Las Ventas ring during the San Isidro festival. Organizers had to put a stop to the even...
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Princess Cristina Arrives At Court To Testify
Any time a royal family is involved in a court case, people become concerned. After all, leaders are suppose to set examples and follow the same laws ...
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Stanislas Wawrinka Wins His First Grand Slam
Swiss tennis player Stanislas Wawrinka nabbed his first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open on Sunday. In an interview with CNN, the 28-year old W...
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Google Adds Ski Slope Imagery To Street View
Google announced that it has gathered some new imagery of ski slopes for Street View using its Street View snowmobile. Google introduced the snowmobil...
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AT&T Expands International Market
AT&T has partnered with Spain’s Fon, which will provide AT&T customers with more international possibilities as well as being mutually a...
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Chris Horner’s Team Upset About Media Leak
On Sunday, Chris Horner did what many didn’t think he could do. The 41-year-old American cyclist won the Vuelta a Espana (also known to us Engli...
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