Spanish Bulls Gore Three Matadors, Bullfight Called Off

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Two Spanish bulls were the victors in a bullfight held at the Las Ventas ring during the San Isidro festival. Organizers had to put a stop to the event, as three matadors were injured. Reports say that it was the first time in 35 years that a bullfight had to be cancelled due to injuries sustained by matadors.

In the 68-year history of San Isidro, there were only two bullfights that were suspended. Both happened in 1979.

David Mora, who opened the show, had the worst injuries. A 1200 pound Spanish bull named Desilio rammed its horns into his leg before tossing him up to the air. Reports say that he is still in a serious condition, but it is not life threatening.

Antonio Lorca, a bullfighting correspondent, described the scene: “The somersault was horrific, shocking, chilling, impossible for the human eye to witness yet evident to the mind.”

Antonio Nazare was the second bullfighter to be injured. The Spanish bull dragged Nazare along the bullring, and as a result, his knee was injured.

The third bullfighter who was injured was Jimenez Fortes, who was skewed in the pelvis and the right leg.

Nazare and Fortes, who were injured by a Spanish bull named Feten, were both treated for their injuries and are said to have been released from the hospital on Wednesday.

According to reports, about 2,000 bullfights happen in Spain each year. However, the numbers are beginning to decrease, as more and more regions are banning the ancient art of bullfighting. The first region to ban Spanish bullfighting was the Canary Islands, followed by Catalonia in 2010.

Bullfighting was started by the Romans, and is said to date as far back as 4,000 years ago. In 2013, Spain’s congress granted bullfighting a cultural heritage status, so that they can prevent other bans. Animal welfare groups opposed the idea.

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