Miss Spain, Patricia Yurena, Comes Out As Gay Over Instagram

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In the digital age, when a celebrity wants to make a big personal announcement, Instagram is the go-to medium. Patricia Yurena, also known as Miss Spain, is no exception. She wanted to tell the world that she is gay and has a girlfriend, so she made an Instagram post with the caption: "Romeo and Juliet".

E! News has called her the first national beauty queen to come out of the closet.

For the most part, her fans are more than supportive. "I don't regret what I did and I did it because I'm happy about what's going on in my life," she told La Opinión de Tenerife, as translated by E! News. So far, the photo has gained over 8500 likes. Considering her Instagram post before it gained only a little over 500 likes, that's a big boost in publicity. No wonder she has no regrets.

Yurena's girlfriend is a Spanish DJ by the name of Vanesa Klein. According to the Costa Rican newspaper La Nación, the two met last year and have been dating for six months. UPI translated a quote from her interview in which she said, "there is no gender in love."

The LGTBQ community in Spain could not be happier with the announcement. The International Business Times translated an interview from an owner of a boutique popular with Madrid Lesbian community, who said it has been a "good thing" for locals. "It's obviously a personal decision on the part of Patricia Yurena to come out, but it means a lot to a group of people who don't get wide recognition in Spain," the owner said, "It's also good for society as a whole."

Yurena has been thankful over and over again since she came out:

The translation of the caption reads "I appreciate the outpouring of support and even more, to rejoice in my happiness. Thank you !!", according to US Weekly.

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