Princess Cristina Arrives At Court To Testify

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Any time a royal family is involved in a court case, people become concerned. After all, leaders are suppose to set examples and follow the same laws they create or support. Spanish Princess Cristina caused a lot of debate when she took the stand today to testify in her husband Inaki Urdangarin's court case.

Inaki and Cristina have both been accused of using company funds for their own personal expenses, including parties and leisure trips. Both Inaki and Princess Cristina face preliminary charges and Cristina's appearance in court is the first time a member of the Spanish royal family has had to testify in court since the monarchy was restored in 1975.

Cristina arrived to court in a Ford C-Max hatchback, which dropped her off as close to the entrance as possible. Crowds of protestors and media waited outside and Cristina did not seem to be nervous or upset about the court case. She did not talk to the media but did turn at the entrance door to tell everyone "Buenos Dias" ("good morning").

According to the court, the princess and her husband were not only using company money to fund their parties and travel expenses, but also for household expenses. They also failed to report the expenses on the couple's income tax returns. If the court finds that these expenses totaled more than 120,000 euros ($163,630) the crime could become punishable by prison time.

The case has caused a lot of trouble for the royal family and they are anxious to put it all behind them and move on. The image of the royal family has not been a good one since 2012, when the princess's father went on an expensive hunting trip while his country was in the middle of financial chaos during Europe's debt crisis.

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