Facebook Locking Users Out and Giving Them No Recourse

Facebook users are reportedly being wrongly locked out of their accounts for ‘not following Community Standards,’ and have no recourse.

WhatsApp Experiments With Limiting Forward to Group Chats

WhatsApp is experimenting with a feature that would limit how many times messages could be forwarded to group chats.

GitHub’s News Feed Is a Dud With Developers

Developers are not impressed with GitHub’s news feed, sparking concerns the platform is trying to be a social network more than a developer resource.

New Bipartisan Bill Would Target Social Media Addiction

A new bill, introduced by Senators Amy Klobuchar and Cynthia Lummis, is aimed at understanding and mitigating social media addiction.

TikTok Now the Internet’s Most Popular Site, Edging Out Google

TikTok has taken the top spot as the world’s most popular website, beating out Google and Facebook.

Reddit Is Going Public

After months of speculation and preparation, Reddit has filed to go public.

Instagram Bringing Back Chronological Feed

Instagram is bringing back the chronological feed, addressing one of the biggest complaints users have about the platform.

LAPD Collects Everyone’s Social Media Data and Social Security Numbers

The LAPD has instructed officers to collect social media data and social security numbers on everyone they stop.

TikTok Unveils New Protections for Teens

TikTok has unveiled new protections for teens, including limiting notifications at night.

Instagram Accounts Will Default to Private for Teens Under 16

Facebook has announced it will make new Instagram accounts for teens under 16 private by default.

FTC May Target Google and Facebook’s Data and Algorithms

The Federal Trade Commission may target Google and Facebook’s data, and the algorithms they rely on, as part of a larger antitrust crackdown.

WeChat Halts New Subscriptions

Popular chat and social media app WeChat, known as Weixin in China, has announced it is suspending new subscriptions as it deploys a security upgrade.

Twitter Beats Q2 Expectations

Twitter posted its Q2 earnings, beating expectations on $1.19 billion in revenue.

Clubhouse Leaves Beta and Is Open to Everyone

Clubhouse, the popular audio-only social media platform, announced it is out of beta and no longer invitation-only.

Twitter Testing a Way to Downvote Replies

Twitter is testing a way to downvote replies, as the company looks for ways to improve engagement.

WhatsApp Beta Brings Multi-Device Support

WhatsApp is bringing an oft-requested feature in a new beta: Multi-device support.

Facebook Spending $1 Billion on Content Creators Through 2022

Facebook plans to pay content creators some $1 billion through 2022 in an effort to ward off rivals.

Twitter Kills Fleets, Disappearing Tweets

Twitter has announced it is shutting down Fleets, the company’s disappearing tweets feature.

TikTok Enters Job Market with TikTok Resumes

TikTok is looking to expand beyond just social media, introducing TikTok Resumes as a way to apply for jobs.

How Businesses Are Harnessing Social Media for Hiring Decisions

From dedicated hiring platforms to AI algorithms that will find, scan, and categorize candidates, today’s recruiters have a wide range of tools at their disposal to pinpoint the best possible fit for any position. However, one of the most valuable…