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Tag: Simulations

Bear Simulator Lets You Live Out Your Dream Of Being A Bear
Farjay Studios has noticed a disturbing trend in games these days. They’ve found that games puts players into the roles of humans far too often....
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Sim City Developers Ditch EA, Start New Studio
After the meltdown that surrounded the launch of SimCity this year, it wouldn’t come as any surprise that some Maxis developers were disheartene...
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SimCity Creator Will Wright Plays the New SimCity
Last week, EA released a video in which SimCity creator Will Wright sat down with Ocean Quigley, creative director of the new SimCity, to speak about ...
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SimCity Creators Preview New Game, Talk Sims
When Will Wright designed the first SimCity all the way back in 1989, he founded an entire genre of games. Now that he’s out of the game design ...
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The Sims 3 University Life Previewed in New Walkthrough Video
Last month, Maxis teased The Sims 3: University Life with a trailer that showed off frat parties, bonfire keggers, and beer pong. Today, the developer...
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SimCity Will Have an In-Game Store
It’s been known for a while not that the upcoming SimCity will have always-on DRM, though it won’t force players to always play in multipl...
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SimCity Coming to Classrooms With SimCityEDU
Though everyone who has played a SimCity game knows there is more to city planning than building roads, EA believes its upcoming SimCity game will be ...
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SimCity Intro Video Released, Space Rockets Spotted
Maxis today released the opening video for the upcoming SimCity. The video is the same one player will see upon booting up the game. The footage comes...
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New SimCity Gameplay Shows Casino, Multi-City Strategy
Back in October, SimCity Lead Designeer Stone Librande previewed the franchise reboot with a walkthrough. It featured a look at how players will start...
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New SimCity Trailer Shows Creativity and Consequences
The new SimCity is on the way, and multiplayer or not, the game promises to capture the old-school feeling of creating a city and fending off natural ...
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New SimCity Trailer Shows Tornadoes, Meteorites, and UFO Attacks
Two weeks ago EA released a developer preview demonstrating to gamers how the new SimCity will play. Once players get their roads, power stations, and...
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SimCity Gameplay Footage Walkthrough Released
It’s been nearly a decade since SimCity 4 was released, and would-be city planners everywhere jumped with joy at the small amount of SimCity pre...
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Second Life Still Going Strong
Remember the video game/simulation Second Life? A few years ago, it was a big topic of conversation, as droves of people and companies looking to expa...
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