SimCity Creator Will Wright Plays the New SimCity


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Last week, EA released a video in which SimCity creator Will Wright sat down with Ocean Quigley, creative director of the new SimCity, to speak about the design decisions made on the new iteration. Wright, who is not directly involved with the creation of the new SimCity, praised the new game for its depiction of consequences for player decisions and the ability to, possibly, make players feel guilty about mistakes or misfortune.

This week, a video of Will Wright sitting down with Maxis' Stone Librande, lead designer of the new SimCity (and narrator of earlier SimCity walkthroughs) to talk about his experience of trying out the new game. Wright praises the use of curved roads and the ability for cities to specialize. He also states that instead of identifying with the individual sims living in his cities, he identified with neighborhoods and pictured himself living in them.