SimCity Creators Preview New Game, Talk Sims


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When Will Wright designed the first SimCity all the way back in 1989, he founded an entire genre of games. Now that he's out of the game design business (sort of), it would be interesting to see what the gaming legend might have to say about EA's and Maxis' newest SimCity. Would he appreciate the detailed building designs and intricate patterns of Sims interacting with cities, or would the game's always-on DRM scheme and push toward a Sims 3-like micro-transaction system offend his creative sensibilities?

Luckily, we don't have to wonder. EA today released a discussion between Will Wright and Ocean Quigley, creative director of the new SimCity. In the video the pair talk a lot about how the individual Sims depicted in the game can help players see the results of their decisions - and even cause them to feel guilt.