Intel CEO: Semiconductor Shortage Won’t End Until 2023

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger had bad news for everyone hoping the semiconductor shortage would end soon, saying it won’t happened until 2023.

Semiconductor Shortage May Disrupt iPhone 13 Supply

The semiconductor shortage may take a toll on Apple’s new iPhone 13, impacting the all important holiday sales season.

Automakers Killing Deals, Focusing on High-Demand Models

Automakers are killing deals and focusing production on high-demand models as a result of the semiconductor shortage.

Brexit May Have Cost the UK an Intel Factory

Intel has ruled out the possibility of building a factory in the UK, thanks to Brexit.

GM Plans to Double Revenue by 2030

General Motors plans to double its annual revenue by 2030, a far cry from the semiconductor woes the auto industry is currently dealing with.

Automaker Opel Closing Factory Till 2022 Over Semiconductor Shortage

Automaker Opel is closing its Eisenach plant in Germany for the rest of the year as a result of the semiconductor shortage.

Notebook, and Especially Chromebook, Demand Down as Lockdowns Ease

As lockdowns ease around the world, the notebook market is seeing a corresponding drop in demand, with Chromebooks hit especially hard.

Chip Shortage Shuts Down Almost All GM’s North American Production

GM is shutting down production at almost all of its North American plants as a result of the global chip shortage.

Bosch Calls for Reinventing Automotive Semiconductor Supply Chain

Bosch, the world’s largest automotive parts supplier, is calling for changes in how the supply chain operates as a result of the semiconductor crisis.

AT&T Delays Fiber to 500,000 Homes Due to Chip Shortage

AT&T is the latest company to face delays in product rollouts as a result of a global ship shortage.