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Facebook Reportedly Giving Some Developers New Chat SDK
Facebook reportedly has a new Chat SDK for Messenger that it’s giving to a select few developers. The company hasn’t announced it or made ...
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Facebook Launches New SDK For iOS 9
Last month, Facebook announced a new iOS SDK in beta to help developers prepare for Apple’s iOS 9, which launches on September 16. On Thursday, ...
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Google Open Sources Cloud Dataflow SDK For Java
Google announced the open sourcing of its Cloud Dataflow SDK for Java in a move it says will make it easier for developers to integrate its managed se...
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PayPal Launches SDK For Card Reader ‘PayPal Here’
PayPal announced the launch of the new PayPal Here SDK aimed at making it easier for businesses to sell in-store from their iOS or Android device. Pay...
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Facebook Adds Analytics Support To App Links
Facebook announced updates to App Links to give developers new analytics support, so they can analyze and segment mobile traffic. As you may recall, F...
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Facebook Launches App Ads Helper Tool, Updates App Ads, Parse SDK & Graph API
Facebook announced some updates to App ads, the Parse SDK, and the Graph API Thursday evening. They also announced the launch of a new tool called the...
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Google Fit Preview SDK Hits Developer Availability
Google announced Google Fit, its developer platform for fitness apps, at Google I/O earlier this summer. The company just announced the availability o...
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Amazon Officially Releases SDKs For Dynamic Perspective, Firefly
Amazon unveiled the Fire Phone on Wednesday, and two of the most talked-about features are Dynamic Perspective and Firefly. The former enables the dev...
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Google Capital-Backed SurveyMonkey Launches New iOS App
Google announced its new growth-stage business investment fund Google Capital this week. SurveyMonkey, one of three companies in its portfolio, just a...
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Facebook Android SDK Gets Major Update
Facebook announced today that it has launched a major update to its Android SDK, bringing Share Dialog and support for the Object API to the operating...
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Kinect Comes to Windows
Today, Microsoft released a software developer kit (SDK) in beta for its Kinect product for the Windows 7 operating system, effectively meaning that s...
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iPhone and iPad Apps About To Get More Integrated with Facebook
Facebook has launched a new software development kit (SDK) for Apple's iOS operating syst...
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Bing Maps Gets New Features, SDK for Apps
Microsoft announced some new additions to Bing maps today. These additions, the company says, will benefit both developers and end-users. ...
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Official Facebook SDK For Android Released
The number of Android apps with ties to Facebook - while already large - is likely to soar over the next few weeks.  Or the existing apps shou...
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MySpace Offers New SDK To Android, iPhone Developers
It's possible that MySpace will soon become much more popular with people who own iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads, and Android devices.  MySpace ...
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AdMob Launches Tools for Cross-Platform Mobile Development
AdMob has introduced new software developer kits for Android, iPhone, and Flash Lite in a move the compa...
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Opera Releases New SDKs and New Browser
Opera is unveiling three new releases at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)...
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