MySpace Offers New SDK To Android, iPhone Developers

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It's possible that MySpace will soon become much more popular with people who own iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads, and Android devices.  MySpace announced this afternoon that it's launched a new SDK designed to make it easier for developers to integrate the site into their applications.

MySpace's timing is excellent.  Earlier today, a report from Gartner indicated that Android and the iPhone OS are the only two mobile operating systems to have seen a year-over-year increase in market share, and on Monday, MySpace introduced new privacy settings that could impress many of the users Facebook's scared off.

The new SDK itself isn't exactly bad, either.  MySpace said that it's offering developers an integrated login UI, and then it's covered all the basics by making sure people can send status and mood updates, see their friends, and upload photos and videos.

What's more, MySpace explained in a statement, "MySpace will be supporting and frequently updating the SDK based on developer and user feedback, so please let us know what you think as you start working with the SDK."

It might really be worth looking for a slight bounce (or at least a smaller drop-off) in MySpace's user stats over the next few months, then.

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