Microsoft CEO ‘Very, Very Confident’ Activision Deal Will Go Through

Despite increasing regulatory scrutiny, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is “very, very confident” its Activision purchase will be approved.

How Microsoft Is Outmaneuvering Google

Microsoft and Google are two of the biggest tech companies in the world, competing on multiple fronts, but the older company is coming out ahead where it matters.

Tom Keane, Microsoft Cloud VP, Leaving After Reports of Verbal Abuse

Tom Keane, Microsoft Cloud VP, is leaving the company after allegations he verbally “cut people down to pieces” on a regular basis.

Microsoft Overhauls HR Policies, Will Conduct Civil Rights Audit

Microsoft is revamping its HR policies, introducing sweeping changes on a number of fronts as the company works to set itself apart from its fellow tech companies.

Microsoft’s Alex Kipman Resigning Following Allegations, Raising Questions About Nadella

One of Microsoft’s “golden boy” executives, Alex Kipman, is resigning following a scathing report on inappropriate behavior and misconduct.

Microsoft Doubles Salary Budget, Increases Stock Compensation by 25%

As expected, Microsoft has unveiled sweeping changes to its employee compensation, doubling its salary budget and boosting stock compensation by 25% for some.

Senators Ask the FTC to Investigate Microsoft’s Activision Acquisition

US Senators are asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the Microsoft/Activision deal, over concerns regarding Activision’s past scandals.

Microsoft Taking Platform Agnostic Approach to Cloud Security

Microsoft has signaled it wants to provide security for cloud-based companies in general, regardless of whether they use Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud.

Microsoft’s Headquarters Will Reopen the End of February

Microsoft has signaled it is preparing to open its headquarters at the end of February, a major step in its return to normal.

Microsoft Quarterly Report Smashes Expectations on Strong Cloud

Microsoft has reported its latest quarterly earnings, smashing Wall Street expectations on strong cloud growth.

Microsoft Buying Activision Blizzard, CEO Kotick Likely Leaving Soon After

Microsoft announced it is buying Activision Blizzard in a deal worth a whopping $68.7 billion.

Microsoft Orders Review of Harassment and Discrimination Policies, Including Bill Gates’ Case

Microsoft’s board has ordered a review of the company’s handling of sexual harassment and discrimination investigations, including one involving Bill Gates.

Satya Nadella: Companies Shouldn’t Be Dogmatic About In-Office vs Remote

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has spoken again about the ongoing workplace transformation, saying companies should not be dogmatic.

Microsoft Beats Estimates on Strong Cloud Performance

Microsoft has announced its FY22 Q1 results, beating analysts expectations on strong cloud growth.

Cisco Is Working to Reinvent Itself, Much Like Microsoft

Cisco is working to reinvent itself and cash in on the modern shift to cloud computing, after years of being slow to adapt.

Microsoft and Amazon May Be Headed for a Fight Over Charlie Bell

Microsoft scored a major victory when it poached longtime Amazon exec Charlie Bell, but the fight to use him may be just getting started.

Ditch the Password for Your Microsoft Account

Microsoft has announced that users can ditch the password for their accounts, a move that brings a new level of convenience and security.

Microsoft: ‘The Digital Employee Experience IS The Employee Experience’

Microsoft has shared a number of insights about how remote work has become the “new normal,” and updated several apps to reflect that.

Microsoft Tops Forecasts on Strong Cloud Results

Microsoft has announced its quarterly results, topping forecasts on strong Azure performance.

Microsoft Releases Windows 365 Cloud PC

Microsoft may have upended the virtualization market with its latest product, designed to let anyone with a web browser run Windows.