SpaceX Successfully Launches 88 Satellites

SpaceX has deployed 88 satellites, 85 of them for customers, as the company ramps up its payload delivery service.

FCC Approves Additional Starlink Satellites at Lower Altitudes

The Federal Communications Commission has granted SpaceX permission to launch satellites at a lower altitude.

SpaceX Launches 60 More Satellites, Working Toward 400 Per Trip

SpaceX has successfully launched another 60 satellites for its Starlink constellation.

SpaceX Now Has Over 10,000 Starlink Internet Customers

SpaceX has crossed a significant milestone, announcing it now has over 10,000 subscribers to its Starlink internet service.

AT&T Getting Serious About Selling DirecTV, Fielding Offers

AT&T is reportedly fielding offers to sell its DirecTV satellite service, as the service shrinks due to the rise of streaming options.

SpaceX Wins $885 Million In Subsidies to Expand Starlink

Elon Musk’s other company, SpaceX, has won $885 million in federal subsidies to help it expand its Starlink internet service.

Starlink Satellites Ruin Astronomy Photos

A Space X Starlink satellite is being blamed for ruining photos of the NEOWISE comet.

FCC Green Lights Amazon’s Kuiper Satellite Plans

Amazon has received the green light to move forward with its plans to launch a satellite constellation to provide internet access.

Starlink Internet Will Enter Beta In Three of Months

Good news for internet users: Starlink’s satellite internet will enter private beta in roughly three months.

U.S. Space Force Launches Military Satellite

The newest branch of the U.S. military carried out its first national security launch, sending a military communications satellite into orbit.

FCC Approves Up to 1 Million Starlink Ground Antenna

Starlink just passed a major milestone in its plans to provide broadband internet via a constellation of satellites: approval for 1 million ground antenna.

Solar-Powered High-Altitude Aircraft Makes Maiden Flight

BAE Systems has successfully completed the maiden flight of its solar-powered, high-altitude, unmanned aircraft.

U.S. Space Force Deploying Space Fence

The newest branch of the U.S. military is wasting no time making its presence known as it prepares to deploy its Space Fence, according to Popular Mechanics. Space Fence is a radar system designed to track objects in orbit as…

Blackpool England Using AI to Help Fix Potholes

According to the BBC, the English town of Blackpool is using artificial intelligence (AI) in an innovative way: to help fix potholes. In most cases, road departments must either wait for reports of potholes, or proactively inspect roads. In either…

Senators Want Spectrum Auction to Fund Rural Broadband

According to GeekWire, a group of senators led by Senator Maria Cantwell are pushing to use proceeds from an upcoming 5G spectrum auction to boost rural broadband. According to the Pew Research Center, despite improvements in recent years, there is…

Amazon Settles On Redmond, WA For Project Kuiper, Its Space-Based Initiative

Earlier this year Amazon announced “Project Kuiper, a new initiative to launch a constellation of Low Earth Orbit satellites that will provide low-latency, high-speed broadband connectivity to unserved and underserved communities around the world.” On Wednesday, the company disclosed, via…

KT Links 5G Network and Satellite, Transferring Data Between Them

ZDNet is reporting that KT, South Korea’s largest telephone company, has announced the successful transfer of data between their 5G network and a satellite 36,000 kilometers away. The news has huge implications for wireless carriers around the world, as many…

Google Officially Acquiring Skybox Imaging

A couple weeks ago, we heard rumors that Google was on the verge of acquiring Skybox Imaging, a satellite company, for over $1 billion. While the price is only $500 million, both companies did finally announce the acquisition. Google said…

Google Said To Be Close To $1 Billion Skybox Imaging Acquisition

Google is on the verge of acquiring Skybox Imaging, a satellite company, for over $1 billion, according to a report from TechCrunch. This isn’t the first time the two companies have been reported to be in talks. The Information reported…

AT&T Said To Seek DirecTV Acquisition

First Comcast and Time Warner proposed a merger, which is still going through the regulatory rounds. Now, according to The Wall Street Journal, AT&T is considering acquiring DirecTV in a deal it says would be worth at least $40 billion.…