Trump Administration Blocking More Companies From Selling to Huawei

The Trump administration is moving to revoke the licenses of companies previously cleared to sell products to Huawei.

Intel In Talks With TSMC and Samsung to Outsource Chip Production

Intel is in talks with TSMC and Samsung to produce some of the company’s chips.

Apple Testing Two Different Foldable iPhone Designs

Apple has tasked its top supplier, Foxconn, with producing two different prototype designs for a foldable iPhone.

Apple Reportedly Using Samsung Foldable Screens

According to reports, Apple has ordered a “large number” of foldable screens from Samsung.

Samsung and SK Hynix Suspending Chip Shipments to Huawei

Things are looking worse for Huawei as South Korean chipmakers Samsung and SK Hynix are reportedly suspending shipments to the embattled company.

Samsung Ready to Replace Huawei in UK

As the UK revisits its decision to include Huawei in its 5G network, Samsung has signaled it is ready and able to fill any gap created by banning Huawei.

TSMC Will Build $12 Billion Semiconductor Factory in US

Following reports the Trump administration was in talks with chip makers to build US factories, TSMC has announced plans to do just that.

The Rise of American Semiconductor Business: Government and Corporations Look to Manufacture Chips Stateside

After years of exporting semiconductor manufacturing overseas, the Trump administration, Intel and TSMC are in talks to open chip factories in the US.

Samsung Joining Tech Giants In Offering Debit Card

Samsung is the latest tech giant to announce plans to offer its own branded debit card.

Verizon Hits 4.2Gbps 5G Speeds

Verizon achieved an industry first, hitting 4.2Gbps speeds on its live 5G network.