Robots in High Demand Thanks to Labor Shortage

The robotics industry is experiencing massive growth as employers turn to robots to help offset labor shortages.

Amazon Reveals Astro, Its Home Robot

Amazon has revealed a new robot, dubbed Astro, designed to help out around the home.

Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures Leads Investment in Ag Robots

Breakthrough Energy Ventures has led a $53 million Series C investment round in Iron Ox, a leading agricultural robot company.

Robots Are Saving Understaffed Restaurants

Robots are helping restaurants deal with staff shortages, taking over some of the easier, but critical, day-to-day duties.

Amazon Launches Amazon Scout Development Center in Helsinki

Amazon is launching a development center in Helsinki, Finland, in an effort to boost its autonomous delivery.

UVeya Using UV Light Robots to Disinfect Airplanes

UVeya, a Swiss start-up, is testing robots that use ultraviolet (UV) light to disinfect airplanes, in an effort to make air travel safer.

Drunk Roomba? iRobot May Not Have a Fix For Weeks

A software update that made people’s Roombas act like they’re drunk may not be fixed for several more weeks.

Robot Stock Analysts Outperform Humans

n further evidence robot domination may yet be in our future, a study has shown robot stock analysts outperform their human counterparts, leading to better investments.

Walmart Announces Alphabot—Autonomous Carts That Speed Up Online Orders

Walmart has just announced the first of its kind technology aimed at speeding up online grocery orders. The Alphabot system was created specifically for Walmart by Alert Innovation and is set to help Walmart launch its first pilot program in…

CES 2020: Samsung Unveils Rolling Robot ‘Ballie’

It’s not quite BB-8, but Samsung may have unveiled the next best thing in a rolling robot named “Ballie.” According to Engadget, Ballie is designed to be an assistant, essentially running a smart home. The robot “has a ‘mobile interface’…

Get Ready For A Robot Delivery Man: Digit The Robot Hits The Market

Agility Robotics is bringing its two-legged robot Digit to the market, and Ford is the first buyer, according to TechCrunch. Ford sees Digit as a way of dealing with the last 50 feet of a delivery. With self-driving delivery vehicles…

What was your favourite robot from the classic series?

The news has everyone reminiscing about Sir Killalot’s wildly inappropriate Eurosmut club banger and and all those amazing machines – but which is your favourite?

Bionic Man Brought To Life With Artificial Parts

Bionic man, previously a term that was only associated with science fiction, has now become a reality. The term was made popular in the 1970s with the help of a popular television show called The Six Million Dollar Man. The…

MIT Now Has Their Own Super Fast Robot Cheetah

In September of last year, Boston Dynamics introduced the world to a cheetah robot that you could never hope to outrun. With a max speed of 28.3 mph, the robot would even be able to catch a sprinting Usain Bolt.…

Scientists Outfit A Drone With A Claw, Because Why Not?

Drones are not exactly frightening. The little quadcopters that we’ve seen delivering pizza and tacos are actually kind of cute as far as heartless robots go. Well, those cute little quadcopters have not been turned into heartless killers thanks to…

Prosthetic Arms Are Becoming Increasingly More Realistic

Prosthetic limbs have come a long way over the years, but a lot of them still can’t replicate the precise motion that natural limbs perform on a daily basis. That’s quickly changing, however, as one company has already given Nigel…

Vote Now For the Robot Hall of Fame’s Next Inductees

Carnegie Mellon University has announced that it will allow the public to vote on the next inductees to the Robot Hall of Fame. The winners will be inducted in a ceremony taking place on October 23 at the Carnegie Science…

This Robot Worm Looks Like A Chinese Finger Trap

There are multiple robots out there that can perform a variety of functions. Just yesterday, we saw a robot that can perform Jewish mourning rituals. If a robot can perform religious rites, surely it can also move like a worm.…

Meet Stony, The Robot Who Mourns So You Don’t Have To

Having a loved one die on you is pretty much the worst thing imaginable. A close second would be the mourning period that some religions dictate must take place after the loved one has been buried. I would prefer to…

Stanford Scientist Trying To Hack Into Hawking’s Brain

The desire to use robotics to help people regain mobility has been around for a few years now. Until recently the research has been moving along to help people regain mobility by implanting devices into people’s brains to pick up…