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Ten Commandments Statue Must Be Removed, Oklahoma Officals Fight To Keep It On Capitol Grounds
In a 7-2 ruling this Monday, the Oklahoma Supreme Court stood with its earlier decision of removing the Ten Commandments monument on Capitol grounds. ...
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Satanic Statue Has Grand Unveiling In Detroit, Stirs Controversy
The Satanic Temple unveiled its controversial statue to about 700 people in Detroit, much to the distress of Catholics in the area. The ceremony was s...
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Jinger Duggar Desperate To Escape Her Deeply Religious Family
This might be the perfect time for Jinger Duggar to break free from her family and follow her dream of moving to a big city. The 21-year-old Jinger is...
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Leah Remini Thanks HBO For New Investigative Documentary On Scientology, Church Calls Her ‘Self-Absorbed’
Former Scientologist actress Leah Remini sent out a heartfelt thanks to HBO filmmakers for their work in making the investigative documentary Going Cl...
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Leah Messer: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Finds Religion
Leah Messer of Teen Mom 2 fame has reportedly turned to religion. The 22-year-old wife and mom has a lot to work through, including an ongoing drug pr...
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Bill Maher Mocks And Criticizes Mormon Religion
Bill Maher isn’t afraid to share his opinion. While he has been spending a lot of time bashing Islam lately, he now has a new religion to criticize....
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Phil Robertson Speaks Out Against Equal Rights Yet Again
Phil Robertson is pretty vocal about his political and religious views and this has got him in trouble in the past. Just last year, Robertson’s comm...
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Myles Munroe And His Entourage Killed In Plane Crash
Dr. Myles Munroe, a preacher, author, and business coach, was killed on November 9 after his private plane crashed in the Bahamas. There were no survi...
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Kirk Cameron Talks About Celebrity Standards and New Film
It’s no secret that former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron isn’t your run-of-the-mill Hollywood celebrity. Among other things, the conserv...
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Google Has a Jesus-Shaped Hole in Its Graph
We already know that Google hates America, so it should be no surprise that the largest search engine in the world also hates Jesus. Search Engine Rou...
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Methodist Defrocking Overturned, Pastor Frank Schaefer Will Continue To Support Gay Community
Pastor Frank Schaefer from Pennsylvania broke church laws by presiding over his son’s same-sex marriage. On Tuesday, the United Methodist Church app...
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Nun Wins ‘Voice’ Contest in Italy
One of the biggest goals of Pope Francis in his brief popedom thus far has been to get the Catholic Church closer to the average person, prompting chu...
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Satanic Mass Finally Stopped at Harvard
A Harvard student group held on for as long as it could in its effort to stage a Satanic Mass on the campus. But in the end, opposition proved to be t...
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Pope Francis Canonizes Two Pontiffs
Pope Francis named two distinctive papal predecessors, John XXIII and John Paul II, as saints before a congregation of hundreds of thousands of witnes...
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Big Bang Theory Actually Has Religious Roots
Many Americans remain wary of the Big Bang Theory, particularly from a religious standpoint. There is a popular misconception about what it means to b...
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Big Bang Theory In Doubt By Most Americans According To Poll
A recent Associated Press- GfK poll taken revealed that most Americans are skeptical when it comes to topics such as the Big Bang theory, evolution, a...
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Big Bang Theory Doubted by Majority of Americans
A recent poll conducted by the Associated Press-GfK sought to test public perception, knowledge, and confidence in certain scientific principles which...
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Americans Still Unconvinced by a Bevy of Scientific Concepts
If the results of a new AP poll are any indication, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Seth MacFarlane, and FOX should probably order up another season of Cosmos. T...
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Jerusalem Riot Disbanded by Israeli Police
Israeli police mobilized at a sensitive holy site in Jerusalem Wednesday, employing tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse a riotous protest formed b...
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Colton Burpo: Little Angel or Exploited Kid?
Little Colton Burpo went through hell, then told everyone he’d been to heaven. When Colton Burpo’s appendix ruptured, he was only 4 years ...
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