Kirk Cameron Talks About Celebrity Standards and New Film

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It's no secret that former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron isn't your run-of-the-mill Hollywood celebrity. Among other things, the conservative actor is very outspoken about his Christian beliefs, which he touched on in an interview with Fox 411 while he discussed celebrity standards and his new film.

Kirk Cameron has been the center of controversy more than once over the years, with one of the most recent times being when he went to war with Facebook in 2013. He accused the social media network of singling him out and blocking his trailer for the Christian documentary Unstoppable. Cameron also ruffled some feathers when he spoke out against gay marriage in 2012, and now the star of the original Left Behind film says that it is very important for people in the spotlight to be careful with their words.

"I think that when anyone is in the're always going to be held to a higher standard and we should be held to a higher standard because we're influencing more people than others might be," said Cameron. "With the privilege of a platform comes great responsibility....[We've] got to be careful with what we say and how we say it and everything should be seasoned with grace and while I certainly I don't do that perfectly, I strive to do it increasingly."

Listen to Kirk Cameron's interview with Fox 411 below.

Aside from talking about celebrity standards in the interview on Fox 411, Cameron also took the time to promote his new film Mercy Rule. This movie stars Cameron and wife Chelsea Noble Cameron. Cameron's character owns a business that is under attack by environmentalists, and his son is trying to make it as a pitcher on his Little League team. The film shows the family working to support each other, even though their patience and faith are tested.

"My wife and I are always looking for a great new movie to watch on movie night and it's hard to find films that are fun and inspiring and that are going to build up our faith in God and our strength as a family," Cameron said. "So we decided we would make one and we made it right here in our own backyard with a local little league team and it's a movie where family learn the lessons of mercy, patience, sacrifice and trusting God."

Cameron's Mercy Rule is now available to rent or purchase. If you want to learn more about Cameron's latest film, check out the official trailer for Mercy Rule below.

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