Jinger Duggar Desperate To Escape Her Deeply Religious Family

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This might be the perfect time for Jinger Duggar to break free from her family and follow her dream of moving to a big city.

The 21-year-old Jinger is old enough to strike out on her own and has even admitted in a 2012 interview that she wanted to move away from their miniscule Arkansas town.

In the Radar Online interview, older sister Jill described Jinger’s ideal man as a “visionary spunky person” who gives her coffee while Jessa describes him as someone from outside their town, before adding that Jinger “doesn’t want to live three hours out from civilization.”

It’s a description that Jinger wholeheartedly agrees with.

And in light of the molestation that she might have suffered at the hands of her older brother Josh, it’s no wonder that the rebel of the family (if you can even describe it as that) wanted to get as far away as possible.

Unfortunately, Jinger, her sisters and other girls whose families adhere to such deeply traditional, religious beliefs are often trapped (or believe that they are trapped) in that life.

A Patheos article described ways that parents who follow beliefs like the Duggars ensure that their children, particularly their daughters, have no way of fending for themselves alone.

Consider the fact that not one of the Duggar daughters have gone to college, making it extremely difficult for them to financially support themselves.

It’s also unlikely that the Duggar girls will be given opportunities to work in various political organizations, unlike their brother Josh.

The patriarchal, secretive and closed community they live in would also more likely hush up wrongdoings and try to deal with problems on their own in a bid to avoid scandal, as so obviously shown by Jim Bob and Michelle’s cover-up of Josh’s sexual assault of young girls.

It’s also seen in the way Jessa Duggar’s father-in-law tries to justify Josh’s and his parents actions.

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