Ten Commandments Statue Must Be Removed, Oklahoma Officals Fight To Keep It On Capitol Grounds

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In a 7-2 ruling this Monday, the Oklahoma Supreme Court stood with its earlier decision of removing the Ten Commandments monument on Capitol grounds. The state’s top court deemed the erection of the statue unconstitutional.

The statue was ordered to be removed last month, but the state’s Attorney General Scott Pruitt filed an appeal of reconsideration which did nothing but delay the inevitable. Pruitt was not buying the court’s decision stating that they “got it wrong.”

Pruitt is currently reviewing the official order. The monument’s placement violates the state constitution's ban on using state property to further religious agenda.

The privately funded Ten Commandments monument that stands at six feet was first erected in 2012. It has garnered the support of lawmakers and politicians alike in the conservative state of Oklahoma, to the point of some of them threatening to remove the justices from their position and even amend the constitution.

Governor Marry Fallin has been very vocal since the first order to remove the monument was announced.

"During this process, which will involve both legal appeals and potential legislative and constitutional changes, the Ten Commandments monument will remain on the Capitol grounds," Fallin said last month.

Obviously, the state officials’ efforts were in vain following the controversial and still highly contended ruling.

Justice Douglas L. Combs, one of the individuals of power against the decision, believes that the Ten Commandments monument was not intended to promote religion because of its placement in a less-trafficked area of the Capitol.

Nevertheless, the decision of the Supreme Court stands, but the final order has to come from the district court. Until then, state lawmakers will still push for the monument’s preservation.

"In the meantime, the state is reviewing what legal options are available for preserving the monument," said Gov. Fallin’s spokesman.

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