Google Lowering Play Store Fees to as Low as 10%

Google has announced it is lowering its Play Store fees for subscriptions to 15%, and Media Experience apps to 10%.

Google Countersues Epic Games for Breach of Contract

Google has taken the fight to Epic Games, countersuing the company for breach of contract.

South Korea Poised to Ban App Store Payment Monopolies

South Korea is poised to become the first country to ban Apple and Google from locking developers into the use of their payment systems.

South Korea Passes Bill Aimed at Apple and Google App Stores

South Korea has passed its “Anti-Google Law,” aimed at prohibiting Apple and Google from forcing developers to use their payment systems.

Lawsuit Sheds a Light on Google Play Store Revenue

A lawsuit accusing Google of antitrust behavior in respect to its Play Store is shedding light on how much revenue it brings in, to the tune of $11.2 billion.

Google Offered Netflix Special Play Store Pricing

Google reportedly offered Netflix special Play Store terms to keep the streaming giant happy.

Bill Aimed at Apple and Google App Stores Introduce in US House

A bipartisan bill taking aim at Apple and Google app stores has been introduced in the US House, mirroring a similar one in the Senate.

Bipartisan Senate Bill Would Crack Open App Store Ecosystems

A new bipartisan bill introduced in the Senate would drastically alter how Apple and Google operate their app stores.

Google Makes Slew of Changes to Protect Minors

Google has announced a slew of changes to its platform in an effort to afford more protections to those under 18.

Google Not a Fan of Sideloading Apps, Calls Experience ‘Abysmal’

Apple may receive the most heat for its opposition to sideloading apps, but even Google thinks the experience is “abysmal.”