UK Court Blocks Epic’s Case Against Apple

The UK antitrust tribunal has blocked Epic from pursuing its case against Apple — over how the App Store and in-app payments work — in the UK.

North Dakota Bill May Force Alternate App Stores

North Dakota has introduced a bill that would force Apple, as well as Google, to allow alternate app stores on their platforms.

Google Play Store the Primary Source of Android Malware

A new study has determined the Google Play Store is the prime way Android malware is distributed.

Google Will Start Enforcing Google Play Store Fees

Google is looking to stop companies from circumventing its normal 30% Google Play Store fees.

Apple and Epic Both Gain Early Victories in Court Case

A judge has rendered a split decision in the Apple/Epic court case, handing both sides an early victory.

TikTok Adds Family Pairing to Help Protect Children

TikTok has launched Family Pairing, a new feature designed to give parents more control over their children’s accounts.

Sophos Warns Of ‘Fleeceware’ Apps On The Google Play Store With 600 Million Downloads

Security firm Sophos has once again warned of the dangers of “fleeceware” on the Google Play Store. Fleeceware is a term for apps “where users could be charged excessive amounts of money for apps if they don’t cancel a ‘subscription’…

Google Launching Google Play Protect to Help Protect Against Malicious Apps

Android has solidified its position as the dominant mobile operating system (OS) on the market in large part due to its open nature. Any company can license Android and install it on their hardware. Similarly, the Google Play Store has…