Keep Company Emails Safe from Phishing Attacks

Email services are central to modern communication.  Ironically, 85% of emails today aren’t meant to foster communication at all.  Spam is rampant in inboxes all over the world.  While some spam is merely annoying, spam can also include real danger. …

AI Wars: 96% of Companies Using AI to Combat AI-Powered Cyberattacks

A new report shows that AI is increasingly being used in a defensive capacity, to combat AI-powered cyberattacks.

FBI Warns of Increased Voice Phishing Attacks Over VoIP

The FBI is warning that cyber criminals are taking advantage of VoIP systems to target company employees in sophisticated voice phishing attacks.

IRS Warns of New Stimulus Scam

The Internal Revenue Service is warning taxpayers of a new scam that uses promise of a stimulus payment to get bank information.

Americans Being Targeted by Coronavirus Digital Fraud

TransUnion research shows Americans are being targeted by coronavirus-related digital fraud in alarming numbers.

New Chrome Feature Will Alert You If Your Password Is Stolen

In a blog post today, Google announced the addition of a significant security feature to Chrome, one that will alert users if their password has been stolen. With new data breaches occurring and being reported on a near-daily basis, people’s…

The History Of Phishing (And Spam)

Having a spam email show up in your inbox nowadays is most of the time a harmless annoyance and we don’t really pay attention to them nearly as much as we used to. Spam has always been unpopular, but at…

How eCommerce Businesses Can Prevent Fraud in 2018 Holiday Season

Given the dynamic nature of the internet, it’s not surprising to also see frequent changes in consumer buying behavior, which online retailers try to predict and cater to on various digital platforms. Convenience and revenue growth of eCommerce businesses, however,…

Facebook Hoax Alert: Apparently, People Are Still Falling for the ‘See Who Viewed Your Profile’ Scam

Guys, we need to talk. It appears that people still think that there’s some way to see who has viewed their Facebook profiles. Scammers keep designing bogus apps to capitalize on this belief, and there’s a new one in town…

Watch Out For Health Insurance Exchange Scams

Security experts are warning that scammers are exploiting the new health insurance exchanges to trick consumers with phishing schemes. McAfee VP of Global Consumer Marketing Gary Davis told Fox Business, “I can say with a high degree of certainty that…