Amazon Music Set to Pass Pandora For Number Two Spot

Amazon Music is set to pass Pandora as the second-largest music app, leaving only Spotify ahead of it.

T-Mobile Will Get Access to Enhanced Pandora Service Free

T-Mobile has announced it is partnering with SiriusXM to offer access to an enhanced Pandora music experience for its wireless customers.

Bad News For Spotify As Citi Says Podcast Bet Not Paying Off

Citi analysts don’t believe Spotify’s big podcasting bet is paying off, according to a note they sent to investors.

SiriusXM CEO: Pandora Completely Changes the Game

SiriusXM reported record fourth quarter and full-year 2018 operating and financial results today. However, the best is yet to come for SiriusXM as their Pandora acquisition begins to impact the company.

How Pandora Uses AI To Power Music Discovery

Pandora is considered the world’s most powerful music discovery platform, using algorithms to determine which music to play to a subscriber at any given time. The question is how do they do it so successfully?

SiriusXM CEO: Pandora to Make Sirius Subscribers More Sticky

SiriusXM CEO James Meyer says that Pandora will make Sirius subscribers more sticky and will overall reduce churn. Meyer indicates that Pandora’s focus on advertising revenue will also help Sirius monetize the two-thirds of auto sales free trials that don’t convert to a paying SiriusXM subscriber.

SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer: Audio is Thriving Like Never Before

In the earning call SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer talked about adding 300,000 net new self-pay subs in the third quarter, Amazon partnership, Pandora Acquisition, Connected Vehicle initiatives paying off, and how it’s going with Automatic Labs, which they acquired last year.

Pandora Co-Founder: Apple, Amazon, Google is Going to Rue the Day They Let Pandora Get Away

Tim Westergren, Co-founder, and former Pandora CEO commented on CNBC’s Fortt Knox show: I think that Apple, Amazon, Google is going to rue the day they let Pandora get away from them.

Pandora Is About to Start Slinging Concert Tickets

Streaming music platform Pandora has just announced it has acquired ticket-selling site Ticketfly, in a deal valued at around $450 million. Pandora says it will help in “achieving Pandora’s mission to help artists find their audience and help listeners find…

Pandora Turns 10, Offers One Ad-Free Day for All

Pandora is celebrating a big birthday this month, and it’s handing out a small gift to its users. On September 9th, Pandora will turn 10. It’s declared the day “Listener Love Day” and with that comes 24 hours of ad-free…

Pandora Gives Users an Hour of Ad-Free Music If They First Pay Close Attention to an Ad

Pandora is heralding the full rollout of its Sponsored Listening feature, which has been in beta since last fall. With Sponsored Listening, Pandora offers listeners a deal: You can have an ad-free hour of music, uninterrupted, if you just pay…

Pandora Will Sell Day Passes for Ad-Free Music

Pandora is looking for ways to increase revenue, and it’s come up with a way to get users to pay for music, without actually forcing them to commit to a full-on subscription to the premium service. Pandora confirmed to GigaOm…

Pandora Is Now Letting Artists Message You

Everyone’s getting in on the messaging craze, even Pandora internet radio. Have you ever wanted Lenny Kravitz to send you a message, just before you listen to one of his songs, explaining his thoughts behind said song? That’s now a…

Study Looks At Top Brands For Customer Loyalty

New data has been released finding that WhatsApp, Facebook, Pandora, Netflix, and Google are the leading brands for customer loyalty in their respective categories (Instant Messaging, Social Networking, Online Music, Online VideoStreaming, and Search). This data comes from the Brand…

Pharrell Williams: Lawyer Tells YouTube to Remove Songs

Pharrell Williams is just one musician whose music videos are on YouTube illegally, at least according to music-business attorney Irving Azof. He founded the new legal group Global Music Rights, and has told YouTube that it does not have performance…

Pandora Now Offering Analytics for Its Musicians

Pandora, forever fighting the perception of some that it’s not exactly artist friendly, has just announced a new analytics platform called the Artists Marketing Platform (AMP). Pandora says it’s the best way to harness Pandora’s 76 million monthly active users,…

Pandora’s Diversity Numbers Warrant Some Semblance of Praise

In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first human woman created by the gods… Nah, I’m just messin’ with you – I’m not going to go down that route. Congratulations are in order, however, to Pandora Radio, for releasing the first…

Pandora Hikes Price, Cites Rising Royalty Rates

Like most music streaming services, Pandora’s users are mostly the non-paying kind–the ones who are perfectly content to deal with some ads in order to avoid paying a monthly subscription fee. If you’re one of those 200 million+ people, you…

Pandora Jewelry Makes A Great Valentine’s Day Gift

If you are running around looking for a last minute gift for your valentine this year, consider buying a piece of Pandora jewelry. Pandora jewelry has been popular for several years, but this year it has become a top Valentine’s…

Pandora Now Lets Advertisers Target Drivers

Do you use Pandora radio while driving? If so, you might just start to get a bit more advertising from more companies. Pandora announced at CES that it’s now letting advertisers target drivers with in-car advertising. The company notes that…