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Facebook Improves Its Local Ad Targeting
A little over a year ago, Facebook launched its Local Awareness Ads, a hyperlocal ad option that lets businesses target people who live in their area ...
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Facebook Just Gave Pages a Path to Better Visibility
For all intents and purposes, Facebook just gave users more control over what they see in the news feed than ever before. And with it, a pathway (albe...
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Facebook Might Give Users More Control over News Feed
Facebook is still testing ways to let users prioritize particular friends and pages in their news feed – something that could be good news for all t...
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Facebook May Give Users More Control over What They See in News Feed, Which Could Be Good for Pages
Facebook, forever maligned for what it shows and doesn’t show people in their news feeds, might be moving to give users a bit more control. AdWe...
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Facebook Page Admins Will Now See Who Posted Stuff on Behalf of the Page
Facebook has just announced a change to Pages that will make it clear to admins which other admins posted certain content on the page’s behalf. ...
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Facebook Adds Restaurant Reservations, TV Listings to Mobile Pages
Facebook has just launched a rolling update to both its iOS and Android apps that should make mobile pages much more useful to the average user. It al...
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Photos Still King on Facebook, Make Up 93% of the Most Engaging Posts
If you’re a brand hoping to get the maximum amount of follower engagement from your Facebook posts, it’s best to think visually. That̵...
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Facebook Rolling Out Photo Comments for Pages
A few weeks ago, Facebook made comment threads a lot more interesting – or a lot more annoying depending on who you ask. The social network gave...
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Facebook to Pull All Ads from Pages with ‘Violent, Graphic, or Sexual Content’
Starting next Monday, if you operate a page or group that contains any violent, graphic, or sexual content, you’re going on Facebook’s bla...
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Facebook Suggests Advertising Popular Posts with Notifications to Page Admins [UPDATED]
Facebook is doing more and more these days to get pages to promote their content, and it seems that they company has now expanded that push to notific...
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Facebook Removes ‘Posts by Friends’ Option on Pages
Facebook has removed an option on pages that allowed users to filter recent posts to show only the ones made by friends. As of now, the “Posts b...
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Facebook Does More to Coax Pages to Promote Posts
If you operate a Facebook Page, you may have noticed a couple of subtle changes Facebook has made to the look of the pages for admins. These changes a...
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Facebook Launches Significant Mobile Pages Redesign
Facebook has just released a significant redesign for pages on mobile, one that they say is better suited for how people actually look for info on mob...
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Facebook Rolling Out Action-Based Status Option That Links to Pages
After testing the new feature back in January, Facebook has officially launched their new action-based statuses that let you share how you’re fe...
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Facebook’s Threaded and Reorganized Comments Go Live for Pages on an Opt-in Basis
As expected, Facebook has just rolled out their new Replies feature for Pages. Starting today, you can choose to turn on Replies for your page. The ne...
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Facebook’s Threaded and Reorganized Comments Rolling Out Next Week
Back in November of 2012, Facebook began testing a new commenting format for page posts. The new system added comments threads, allowing users to repl...
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Facebook Removes a Bunch of Cover Photo Restrictions for Pages
Facebook has quietly updated its terms for Pages to allow page owners to display previously banned text and visuals on their cover photos. Although th...
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Facebook No Longer Lets You Unlike Pages Directly from the New News Feed
It appears that Facebook has made a small tweak as a part of the new news feed, which is currently in the middle of a slow, delicate rollout. It appea...
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The New Facebook News Feed: What Users, Businesses, and Developers Need to Know
Yesterday, at an event at their Menlo Park headquarters, Facebook unveiled a radical redesign of their core product: the news feed. Unlike Graph Searc...
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Once Again, Facebook Denies ‘Bait-and-Switch’ with Promoted Posts. Do You Believe Them?
In May of 2012, Facebook unveiled a brand new feature for page owners. It was called “Promoted Posts,” and it allowed admins to pay a smal...
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