Facebook Suggests Advertising Popular Posts with Notifications to Page Admins [UPDATED]

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Facebook is doing more and more these days to get pages to promote their content, and it seems that they company has now expanded that push to notifications.

We noticed a new type of notification this morning, one that comes from Facebook and informs you that a certain post on a page on which you're an admin is "performing better than 90% of other posts on the Page." It then suggests that you "advertise it to get even better results."

Various WebProNews writers received this same notification this morning (we're all admins on the WPN Facebook page). Clicking on the notification takes us to the "Advertise on Facebook" page and gets us started on setting up a promoted post with said article.

Here's what it looks like in the notifications:

I've reached out to Facebook for comment on the test, and will update this article accordingly.

UPDATE: Facebook has confirmed with me that this is a test that they're running.

This isn't the first attempt that Facebook has made in recent memory to get page owners to promote more of their posts. Last month, Facebook made a few subtle changes to Pages, including the addition of a new analytics box inside the admin panel. Facebook also softened the language of page promotion, changing the "promote" post button to one that says "boost" post.

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