Facebook's Threaded and Reorganized Comments Rolling Out Next Week

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Back in November of 2012, Facebook began testing a new commenting format for page posts. The new system added comments threads, allowing users to reply to specific comments, and also implemented a new ranking algorithm that sorts comments by their popularity.

Now, that feature is about to go live.

Facebook tells TechCrunch that the new threaded comments will rollout on Monday, on an opt-in basis. That period will last a few months, and Facebook will eventually push the new system to everyone in July.

“We think this update will allow for easier management of conversations around posts, which is a better experience for people interacting with Pages and public figure profiles,” said a Facebook spokesperson.

Basically, the new comment threads let users reply to individual comments. So instead of one long flow of comments, which can be confusing, you will be able to follow entire conversations based on one original comment.

And the best comments should rise to the top. Facebook's new algorithm makes sure that you see the comments that are the most engaging - meaning having the most likes and replies. The algorithm also takes into account your connections, so you could see a different comment on the top of a post than your friend does - depending on who you know.

Here's what the comment threading will look like courtesy of the Huffington Post, who is already using the new system. As you can see, users are now able to comment on other comments. The cream has been pulled to the top, if you will, with the most engaging comment thread appearing at the top:

Facebook comment threading

Not everyone is getting comment threading and the new ranking. It will only be an option for pages with over 10,000 followers, and it won't be available for personal accounts at all. It's also not going to be available on mobile - but Facebook hopes to add that functionality soon.

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