Facebook Launches Significant Mobile Pages Redesign

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Facebook has just released a significant redesign for pages on mobile, one that they say is better suited for how people actually look for info on mobile devices.

"Each day, millions of people visit Facebook Pages – with almost half accessing them from their mobile phones. Today, we've developed a new mobile Pages layout tailored to the way people look for information on their mobile devices. It's now easier for your customers to interact with your Page in a way that’s both efficient and useful," says Facebook.

Here's what the new pages design looks like on iOS:

You'll immediately notice that Facebook has moved many of the action buttons to a single row on the top. This includes "like," "check-in," "call," and "more." Right below that, you'll see a map view. That's followed by directions, hours, and prices (if applicable).

Below that, you'll see more real estate given to star ratings and user reviews. The "write post" button has been removed from view - and been replaced by a big "write recommendation" button. It's clear that Facebook wants you to bulk up places' ratings and reviews, instead of simply writing something like "hey, love the place" on its Timeline.

Below that, you'll see photos from the page, scrollable from side-to-side. In all, Facebook has not only made mobile pages better looking (a generally improved aesthetic), but they've taken all the important information and put it front and center on the page.

For page owners, there are a couple of other benefits from the redesign:

Higher-appearing pinned posts: You can pin important posts (including Facebook Offers or videos) from your desktops.These posts are now front and center when Pages are accessed on mobile devices.

Easier mobile management: You now have the ability to easily switch between public and admin views directly from your mobile Pages/devices.

The mobile pages redesign is visible today on iOS and Facebook on the web. They say that it will be coming to Android devices soon.

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