T-Mobile ‘Remains Firmly in First Place’ in the US 5G Wars

T-Mobile is continuing to dominate the US 5G market, beating both Verizon and AT&T, in OpenSignal’s latest report.

US Among Countries With Slowest 5G

OpenSignal has analyzed the wold’s 12 leading 5G markets, and the US is nearly dead-last, in terms of 5G speed.

T-Mobile Winning 5G Coverage War—By a Wide Margin

Ookla has released a report on the status of 5G in the US, and it shows T-Mobile leading by a wide margin when it comes to coverage.

Opensignal Report Sheds Light On 5G Industry

As the major US wireless carriers duke it out in the 5G market, Opensignal has issued a report on which carriers are winning and where.

AT&T’s True 5G Network Goes Live: Now Available in 10 Markets

AT&T announced its true 5G network has gone live for consumers in 10 markets across the country today. AT&T made headlines nearly a year ago with the release of 5G Evolution (5GE), a fancy marketing term designed to help it…