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Need More Storage? Google and Microsoft Are Both Giving It Away Right Now
Are you running out of cloud storage? If so, two major providers are giving it away right now. Microsoft is offering 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage f...
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Twitter Tests Card-Linked ‘Offers’ With A Few Brands
Twitter announced that it’s testing a new offering for advertisers called Twitter Offers, whicn enables them to provide card-linked promotions t...
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Foursquare Partners with Visa, MasterCard for Amex-Like Offers
In early 2011, Foursquare and American Express launched a partnership that allowed card-owners to score discounts and cashback by using Foursquare to ...
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Facebook Reportedly Testing Feature Updates For Offers
Facebook is working with global retailers on a test of a new version of its Offers product, according to a report from Inside Facebook. This incarnati...
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Google Launches Zavers Coupon Offering For Retailers
Google announced a real-time new digital coupon offering today called Zavers by Google, which the company says enables retailers and manufacturers to ...
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Facebook Page Admins Can Now Post Offers on Mobile
Today, Facebook has announced an update to their free Pages Manager app that brings a couple of new features, along with the standard bug fixes and pe...
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Free Nook With Purchase of NYT Offer Runs Through March 9th
Barnes & Noble has just announced a new promotion that offers big savings on their Nook line of e-readers, but also requires a pretty big commitm...
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Google Offers Continues Expansion Into More Cities
Google announced today that it is launching Google Offers in four new cities: Baltimore, Minneapolis, San Diego and San Jose. Just last week, the prod...
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Email & Daily Deals: Segmentation, Deliverability & Timing
Email continues to thrive as a major marketing channel, and few current trends drive this point further home than that of daily deals. Email’s n...
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Google Offers Is Doing Quite Well
Reports related to the daily deals industry in general haven’t been incredibly flattering in recent weeks, but it looks like the future might be...
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AmazonLocal Deals Hit Kindle Devices
Amazon announced today that AmazonLocal deals are coming to Kindle and Kindle 3G with Special Offers. These offers will appear on the Kindles’ s...
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Groupon IPO in October or November?
There’s been a lot of bad press for Groupon lately. After an internal memo from CEO Andrew Mason trying to boost employee morale in response to ...
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Groupon Deals Could Hurt the Reputation of Your Business
The type of headline we ran here probably isn’t exactly the kind of thing Groupon wants to see circulating throughout the Blogosphere these days...
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Groupon to Add E-Commerce Deals?
Groupon is reportedly testing e-commerce deals in the UK. There have been a lot of questions and uncertainty about just what the future holds for Grou...
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Business Insider to Yahoo: Buy Us and Make Us the CEO
Business Insider has announced an “offer” for Yahoo. CEO Henry Blodget has posted a bare-bones plan with more details promised for “...
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Amazon Local Expanded Into More Markets
Amazon announced the launch of Amazon Local in in new markets, including New York City today. NYC is obviously a major market for the online retail gi...
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Groupon Now Comes to Foursquare
Groupon and Foursquare have teamed up to bring Groupon Now deals to Foursquare users. It’s been known that the two companies were working togeth...
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Today in Deals: Foursquare and Google
There are a couple noteworthy bits of news coming out this morning regarding the deals space. Foursquare announced that Foursquare Specials will no in...
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Is Groupon Losing its Edge?
It’s well known that the daily deals space is getting more and more competitive. It seems that nearly every other day a new service related to t...
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More to Google Offers Than Meets the Eye?
Let me take you back to the beginning of the year for a minute. Groupon had recently turned down a buyout offer from Google reported at around $6 bill...
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