Need More Storage? Google and Microsoft Are Both Giving It Away Right Now

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Are you running out of cloud storage? If so, two major providers are giving it away right now.

Microsoft is offering 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage for the next two years – and all you have to do is sign up for Bing Rewards.

Don't know what Bing Rewards is? It's pretty simple. Bing Rewards offers credits for everyday searches, and those credits can be used to redeem things like gift cards and electronics. If you sign up for it today, Microsoft will hand you 100GB of free storage.

It's a pretty sweet deal if you're looking for cloud storage, even if you have no intention of performing enough Bing searches to amass enough credits to buy things. if you can tolerate the occasional email, I'd say go for it.

If you're already a Bing Rewards member, don't worry – all you have to do is activate your bonus cloud storage.

Google's not offering as much cloud storage, but you don't have to sign up for anything to get it. In honor of Safer internet Day, Google is offering to permanently bump your Google Drive storage by 2GB.

All you have to do is complete Google's security checkup by February 17. All that entails is verifying your recovery phone number, email, and taking a peek at your recent activity and giving Google the a-ok.

Free storage. Cool.

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