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Minecraft Downloads to Continue on PC, PlayStation
Yesterday Microsoft officially announced that it is acquiring Mojang, the development studio behind the game Minecraft. Microsoft will reportedly pay ...
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Notch Cancels Minecraft For Oculus Rift, Says Facebook ‘Creeps’ Him Out
The reaction from the Internet over Facebook buying Oculus VR has been all over the place. Some are saying it’s great for the Oculus VR guys as ...
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‘Minecraft’ Movie Might Actually Happen
Software sales have shown that Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of the past few years. The game has almost continuously appeared on be...
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Skyrim Mash-Up Pack Coming To Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition
It’s been almost two years since Skyrim came out and devoured what little free time you had. Now you find the game a little boring though, and y...
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Minecraft 1.6 Adds Horses, Gets A New Launcher
Minecraft 1.6 is now available for all you PC players that have been patiently awaiting the latest update. This time, Mojang has added a number of new...
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Scrolls Open Beta Starts June 3, Will Cost $20
How could Notch and his team at Mojang possibly follow up the incredibly successful Minecraft? I’m not so sure myself, but Notch has a few ideas...
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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Makes Its Way To Retail In April
Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition has already proven to be the best selling Xbox Live Arcade title ever released on the platform. Now the indie hit has a cha...
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Minecraft Pocket Edition Version 0.6.0 Should Be Out Soon
It was reported last week that Mojang was working on a smaller update for Minecraft Pocket Edition that would add a few new features, but its main pur...
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Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.5.1 Update Coming Soon
Despite being the little brother of the bunch, Minecraft: Pocket Edition has become quite the sales juggernaut. The game stays atop the charts on both...
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Minecraft Sold 1.2 Million Copies During Christmas Week
Over three years out from the release of the first Minecraft Alpha, the popularity of the make-your-own-adventure sandbox game has not died down, and ...
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Mark Cuban, Notch Donate 500K For Patent Reform
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a nonprofit organization that champions the public intrest in digital rights battles, today announced that i...
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Minecraft Pocket Edition Sales Surpass 5 Million
Popular indie title Minecraft is available in three flavors – the original PC version, the Xbox 360 Edition and the Pocket Edition for mobile de...
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You Can Now Get A 3D Printed Model Of Your Minecraft Masterpiece
Some of the creations people make in Minecraft border on “Seven Wonders” style grandeur. Those who make them are obviously proud, but thei...
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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Gets Another Massive Update
Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition has proven to be a hit beyond anybody’s expectations. The success is great, but it means that 4J Studios has to work ...
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Minecraft Creator Shows Off First Footage Of 0x10c
Markus “Notch” Persson is celebrated as the creator of Minecraft. Since last year, however, he left the Minecraft team to focus on a new g...
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Minecraft Dev Tells Microsoft to Stop “Trying to Ruin the PC”
Putting aside all the criticism Microsoft has been getting on its upcoming Windows 8 operating system regarding its new user interface (and also it no...
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Minecraft Developer Doubles its Yearly Profits
The popularity of Minecraft simply doesn’t seem to be waning. In first 15 months since Minecraft launched, the Swedish developer behind the game...
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Minecraft And Disneyland Team Up For Minecon 2012
You may remember Minecon, the official convention for all things Minecraft, from last year. The convention took place in Las Vegas and Notch officiall...
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Minecraft 1.3 Tears Down The Barrier Between Single Player and Multi-Player
The times where I do have fun with Minecraft is when I’m on a multi-player server with some friends. The single player experience is a little to...
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Minecraft Isn’t as Fun With Real Physics
Minecraft has a strange way with physics. Players can certainly build complicated Rube Goldberg devices using the wonky physics in the game, but playe...
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