'Minecraft' Movie Might Actually Happen

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Software sales have shown that Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of the past few years. The game has almost continuously appeared on best-seller charts for every platform it has appeared on, including mobile platforms. The game's creative sandbox gameplay has been embraced by children around the world - something that even parents can approve of over other popular, often war-themed, video games.

With its popularity still not waning it was only a matter of time before Minecraft began to seep into other forms of media. Deadline this week reported that Warner Bros. has acquired the rights for a Minecraft movie.

Apparently, production is already beginning on the movie project. According to the report the movie will be produced primarily by Vertigo Entertainment. No writer or director have yet been attached to the project.

In addition to the Deadline report, the project has also been confirmed by Markus "Notch" Persson, founder of Minecraft developer Mojang:

As yet another video game movie, fans of Minecraft would be right to be skeptical of the movie project. However, Warner Bros. just this month released The Lego Movie, a movie based off a product line that has managed to win over critics and fans alike. With the right writing and production team, Minecraft could easily end up being the best video game movie adaptation ever made.

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