EU Upholds Record Fine Against Google Over Android Dominance

The European Union has upheld a record fine against Google for abusing its dominance in the smartphone market.

Twitter Users Leaving En Masse After Musk Buyout

Twitter has a problem on its hands, with “mass deactivations” in the wake of Elon Musk’s successful bid for the company.

Judges Rules Blanket Cellphone Location Tracking Is Unconstitutional

A federal judge has shot down a widely used police tactic, ruling the blanket collection of cellphone location data is unconstitutional.

Right to Repair Moves to Farm Tractors

Right to repair movements often target the tech industry, but a recent Senate bill puts the farm equipment industry squarely in its sights.

Apple Delays Return to Office Indefinitely, Gives Employees $1,000

Apple has joined the list of companies pushing back its return-to-office date as the omicron variants threatens a new wave of infections.

FBI Has More Than 100 Ransomware Groups on its Radar

The FBI is currently keeping tabs on more than 100 ransomware groups in the wake of multiple, high-profile attacks.

France Fines Google Record $593M Over News Copyright Battle

The French Competition Authority has fined Google a record $593 million (500 million euros) for not negotiating in good faith with news publishers.

Code Behind Kaseya Ransomware Attack Avoiding Russian Systems

Researchers have discovered that the code behind the Kaseya ransomware attack is designed to avoid Russian-language systems.

Facebook and Google Bring Fight Over News to the US

After being forced to work with Australian news publishers, Facebook and Google are going on the offensive in the US.

TikTok Settles Privacy Suit For $92 Million

TikTok has agreed to pay $92 million to settle a lawsuit in the US over its privacy practices.

Qualcomm Fighting Misinformation With Photo Validation Tool

Qualcomm is the latest company to tackle misinformation, announcing a tool designed to ensure the validity of photos and videos.

Tesla Promises $25,000 Vehicle Within Three Years

Elon Musk has promised dramatically lower battery costs, leading to $25,000 Tesla vehicles within three years.

Wireless Carriers Reneging On Promise Not to Disconnect Users

Individuals experiencing pandemic-related financial hardship are receiving threatening letters and being disconnected by their wireless providers.

New Tech Could Help Explain Miscarriages

NBC News is reporting on promising new technology that could shed light on one of the most heartbreaking events in a woman or couple’s life—miscarriages. According to the report, “miscarriages occur in up to a quarter of known pregnancies —…

Facebook Sued By App Developers Over Alleged ‘Anticompetitive Scheme’

A group of app developers is suing Facebook over an alleged “anticompetitive scheme” and monopolistic behavior, according to NBC News. In a proposed class-action lawsuit, “a group of companies behind now-defunct Facebook apps is suing the social media giant, claiming…

Nikola Motors May Have Found ‘Holy Grail Of Batteries’

NBC News is reporting that Nikola Motors claims to have found the “Holy Grail of batteries,” promising to double the range of electric vehicles and the number of recharge cycles, while cutting costs in half. Nikola is not going into…

Pentagon Warns Military Personnel Not to Use Home DNA Kits

NBC News is reporting that the Pentagon has told military personnel not to use home DNA testing kits. According to a memo NBC News obtained, “Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Joseph Kernan and James Stewart, acting Under Secretary of…

Microsoft Hires Attorney General Eric Holder To Audit AnyVision

NBC News is reporting that Microsoft has hired Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate AnyVision, an Israeli-based facial recognition firm the company invested in. AnyVision creates facial recognition software in use by the Israeli military at border crossings. The software…

Allison Williams Gets Motorboated in the A*s on ‘Girls,’ While Brian Williams Watches

Allison Williams has done something most women would positively cringe at even thinking of doing. She appeared in a raunchy sex scene on an episode of Girls–knowing full well that her dad, NBC News anchor Brian Williams–would be watching. Brian…