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Tag: Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace Grills Love Ranch Owner Dennis Hof Over Lamar Odom
Nancy Grace interviewed Dennis Hof, the owner of the “Love Ranch” on Wednesday. This is the Las Vegas brothel where Lamar Odom was found u...
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Nancy Grace Sued for Repeatedly Calling Innocent Man a “Selfie Stalker”
Back in February, Benajmin Seibert found himself in a bit of a mess. Police were looking for him in connection with a break-in in Denver, Colorado. A ...
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Nancy Grace Being Sued For Defamation By Man She Labeled The ‘Selfie Stalker’
Nancy Grace has been slapped with a defamation lawsuit. According to KDVR, Benjamin Seibert filed the lawsuit against the talk show host in a Denver c...
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Nancy Grace Sued for Labeling ‘Selfie Stalker’
Nancy Grace is being sued for defamation by a man she labeled the ‘Selfie Stalker.‘ She allegedly falsely accused Benjamin Seibert of brea...
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Nancy Grace Cited as Reason for Dismissal of a Juror in Jodi Arias’ Sentencing Retrial
Nancy Grace was cited as the reason for the dismissal of a a second juror after he reportedly approached a journalist and asked her if she was the HNL...
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Jodi Arias Files Restraining Order Against Nancy Grace?
Jodi Arias may have been convicted of first degree murder, but her story is far from over. Ahead of her retrial, scheduled for September of this year,...
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Jodi Arias Claims She Contracted Hepatitis C in Jail
Jodi Arias – who was convicted last year of murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander and is awaiting the death penalty phase of the case – clai...
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Nancy Grace Bashes Legalization of Marijuana
Nancy Grace says those who agree with the legalization of marijuana are likely “lethargic on the sofa eating chips…fat and lazy.” Sh...
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With #ToiletBaby, the Hashtag Has Officially Jumped the Shark and Nancy Grace Is Our Water-Skiing Fonzie
You could argue that the hashtag jumped the shark when social media users began using it not to categorize or clarify, but instead to simply say somet...
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Nancy Grace: Parking Lot Interview Gets Weird
Nancy Grace has almost as many detractors as she does loyal followers, so it’s no surprise that after an odd interview popped up on CNN between ...
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Why Are These News Anchors Holding A Satellite Interview In The Same Parking Lot?
CNN has become somewhat of an Internet joke the past few weeks with its botched coverage of the Boston bombings and subsequent manhunt. That story is ...
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Casey Anthony Sued For $3 Billion, Nancy Grace Involved
Casey Anthony, who made international headlines when she was accused and then acquitted of the murder of her two-year old daughter, Caylee, is now bei...
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Nancy Grace Wins After Casey Anthony Verdict
While Casey Anthony may or may not be celebrating the not guilty verdict, perhaps the biggest winner of the Anthony verdict fallout is Nancy Grace ...
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