Nancy Grace Grills Love Ranch Owner Dennis Hof Over Lamar Odom


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Nancy Grace interviewed Dennis Hof, the owner of the "Love Ranch" on Wednesday. This is the Las Vegas brothel where Lamar Odom was found unconscious on Tuesday. According to witnesses, Odam had used cocaine and herbal Viagra pills.

Hof told Grace that Odom had called his manager on Saturday, wanting to "come out and stay for four or five days." He went on to say that Odom was just having a good time, wanted to drink some cognac and "hang out with the girls". He was with a couple of them, he said. He was having a good time and doing some "herbal supplements,' Hof said, adding that he didn't think he "was doing any drugs."

Everything was fine until Tuesday morning, he said, adding that the girls had last seen him at six o'clock in the morning when they "went to do some things and he was going to sleep." Staff took food into him at about noon while he was still sleeping. They went back at 3:15 and he was unconscious, foaming at the mouth.

When they called 911, they were told to roll Odom onto his left side, so they did, and he proceeded to throw up, according to Hof.

Hof also mentioned that a publicist for the Kardashians asked him not to appear on Nancy Grace, and that he told them to "go to hell."

On Friday, CNN reported that source had said Odom's condition was a "tiny bit better". ESPN reported that he was conscious and breathing on his own, and had even spoken a few words.