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Google Slams MPAA For Trying To Resurrect SOPA, Censor The Internet
Google says it’s “deeply concerned” about reports that the MPAA has been secretly leading a campaign to revive SOPA (the Stop Online...
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Google Glass Is Now Officially Banned in Theaters, Shockingly
In oh, no shit news, commonly out-of-touch organization the Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners have ...
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Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton Stun on ‘The Other Woman’ Red Carpet
Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton wore distinctly different yet equally stunning gowns to the Los Angeles premiere of The Other Woman Monday n...
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Cameron Diaz Movie Wins a PG-13 Rating in Appeal
The Classification and Ratings Administration (CARA) of the Motion Picture Association of America has just granted the new Cameron Diaz romantic comed...
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Judi Dench Shines in ‘Philomena’
Judi Dench is back on the big screen in Philomena, and critics dub her the ‘best reason‘ for seeing the new film. Part comedy, part heart ...
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“James Bond” Franchise Helps Lower Philomena Rating
Over the years, James Bond has been tasked with many objectives, most of which involve Bond stopping an evil villain from stealing something valuable ...
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New Anti-Piracy Plan: Kindergarten Copyright Class?
The United States’ largest copyright lobbies, the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America, have ...
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IsoHunt Is Back From The Dead… Sort Of
Earlier this month, IsoHunt, one of the world’s largest torrent trackers, shut down after settling a seven year lawsuit with the MPAA. There wer...
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IsoHunt Settles With MPAA, Will Shut Down
IsoHunt was mine, and presumably many others, first run in with torrents and file sharing. Many have moved on, but the MPAA just couldn’t leave ...
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The MPAA, RIAA Target Google Again
By now, it’s pretty clear the governing bodies behind the entertainment industry will not be happy unless Google turns over their search engine ...
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SOPA And PIPA Are Not Coming Back
SOPA and PIPA were a major threat to the Internet. Only those in the entertainment industry denied the claim as they pushed for stricter control of th...
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Don’t Expect To Get Your Megaupload Data Back Anytime Soon
Collateral damage is unavoidable in war. A good general tries to keep this to a minimum, however, as the people who have no stake in the fight can onl...
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Former MPAA CTO Changes His Mind On SOPA
SOPA is dead, and it’s probably not coming back. The MPAA now realizes that a bill like that just isn’t going to fly. They need to be snea...
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Kim Dotcom’s Allegations Are Pure Fantasy, Claims MPAA
Kim Dotcom, the embattled owner of the cloud-based storage site Megaupload, said in a recent interview with TorrentFreak that Vice President Joe Biden...
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YouTube Users File Petition To Allow For The Use Of Third-Party Recording Tools
Should YouTube users be allowed to rip the content they like to their hard drive, much like a person would use a DVR to record a television show of in...
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Megaupload Lawyer Not Buying MPAA’s Sympathy
In a rather surprising turn of events, the MPAA submitted a document to the court yesterday saying that they would be fine with legitimate Megaupload ...
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The Pirate Bay Wants To Thank The RIAA For Censorship
It’s no secret that the RIAA and the MPAA want Google and other search engines to stop listing sites like The Pirate Bay in their search results...
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MPAA “Sympathetic” To Legitimate Megaupload Users
I can’t believe it’s been almost six months since Megaupload was taken down by the feds and Kim Dotcom was arrested for criminal copyright...
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Chris Dodd Hints That Piracy Isn’t Theft, Still Wants SOPA
Chris Dodd has all the makings of an effective politician, if, for nothing else, his ability to talk out of both sides of his mouth. Take, for instanc...
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New York Yankees Make Video To Support Bully Film
As a Red Sox fan, it can be hard to find things to like about the New York Yankees. They are, after all, baseball’s Evil Empire, the devil in pi...
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