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Tag: Lego’s

Lego Movie Snubbed for Oscar, Director Makes His Own
The Lego Movie grossed over $468 million worldwide. It boasts an impressive 96% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, an 83% on Metacritic, and a 7.9 on IM...
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The Simpsons Lego Episode Airs This Sunday
Everything old is new again. Legos have been around since 1949, yet they’re as popular as ever. This Sunday night’s episode of The Simpson...
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WATCH: The Lego Movie Main Trailer
Two things come to mind when I think of Lego’s: childhood fun and the pain they can cause if you unknowingly step on one barefoot. It hurts to e...
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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer in LEGO Is as Awesome as You’d Expect
This one’s a no brainer, really. If you think that a LEGO remake of the official Dark Knight Rises trailer would be awesome, you’re correc...
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“The Wire” Gets Animated…With Legos
The enormously popular HBO show “The Wire”, which takes on different burning topics plaguing the streets of Baltimore with each season, is...
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Google’s Build Site is Made of 8 Trillion Legos
We all love Legos and Google knows it. Google has been working with Lego Australia on a new platform called Build. Essentially, Build is the largest L...
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LEGO Meth Lab Unlikely to See Legoland Reproduction
Massive legoland sculptures from LEGO artists often make there way to the web after going on display in malls, museums, and Legoland. The sculptures (...
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Lego Artist to Build Entire Mario Level 1-1 using One Single Block Per Pixel
Kickstarter artist Zachary Polluck is asking for $26,400 to create the entire first level of Super Mario Brothers pixel by pixel using Legos. The proj...
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LEGOs In Space: Astronaut Builds LEGO Model Of ISS While Aboard ISS
LEGO has carved out a pretty capacious corner for itself in the heart of nerd culture. There’s the endless selection of video games based on ner...
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Lego Prosthetic Arm Makes Robots Less Scary, More Kid-Approved
Could you really be afraid of a Rise of the Machine-esque future if your robot tormentors were made of Legos? Probably not. Nevertheless, giving you a...
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Minecraft LEGO Set Will Be Officially Released, Thanks to Petition
Minecraft and Lego’s, they’re like evolutionary cousins. Without Lego’s, there’s a good chance Minecraft would never have come...
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