Lego Movie Snubbed for Oscar, Director Makes His Own

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The Lego Movie grossed over $468 million worldwide. It boasts an impressive 96% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, an 83% on Metacritic, and a 7.9 on IMDb. It was one of the most-beloved animated movies of the year, with both spinoffs and sequels in the works.

But according to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, The Lego Movie isn't one of the five best animated feature films of the year.

And the internet is pissed.


Fortunately, the film's director Phil Lord is taking the snub in stride. Hey, if the Academy is going to have their heads up their asses, well, he'll just make his own.

Ultimately, The Lego Movie was a huge success – by almost all metrics. The pain of an Oscar snub is severe, but the public outcry against the Academy is likely validating.

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