The Simpsons Lego Episode Airs This Sunday


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Everything old is new again. Legos have been around since 1949, yet they're as popular as ever.

This Sunday night's episode of The Simpsons will be the show's 550th. It will also feature an animation gag that the show has never done before, all of Springfield and its characters will transform into Legos.

If you're thinking that the masterminds behind the animated classic are ripping off the recent smash hit The Lego Movie, you'd be wrong. The writers thought of the idea a long time ago. In fact, the episode is two years in the making.

Why so much time? The show's animators wanted to get everything correct, right down to the brick shape and size.

Executive Producer Matt Selman spoke about some of his reservations, "I was nervous about the movie, that it was going to be too similar or redundant. On watching both of them, I feel it’s a complementary story and they kind of go hand in hand rather than being contradictory.”

The title of Sunday's episode is "Brick Like Me." It all starts with Homer enjoying some playtime with Lisa. Viewers should expect plenty of meta in-jokes, which are commonplace to every episode of the show.

The cartoon that helped to put Fox on the map as a network has already been renewed for a 26th season. It is currently the world's most-watched U.S. television show, reaching more than 100 countries that garner over 150 million viewers every week.

The producers are amazed that the program has been on so long, but they don't think that they're out of fresh ideas. And from the looks of the trailer, The Simpsons appears just as hilarious and innovative as it was 25 years ago.

You can check out The Simpsons special Lego episode this Sunday on Fox at 8/7 c.

Image via The Simpsons, Twitter