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This Is What The New Nexus 7 Looks Like
Later this week, Google will be hosting an event with Android and Chrome boss Sundar Pichai. It’s pretty much a given that he’ll announce ...
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New Nexus 7 To Cost $229 For 16GB, $269 For 32GB [Rumor]
Are we going to see the new Nexus 7 at next week’s Google event? There’s a good possibility, and it’s becoming even more likely afte...
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Edward Snowden Isn’t Leaving Russia Anytime Soon
Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor that leaked the agency’s surveillance programs to newspapers all over the world for the past two month...
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Edward Snowden’s Asylum Search May End In Venezuela
The question of just where NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is going to wind up may be a bit closer to getting an answer. Those in contact with Snowde...
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Leaked NSA Slide Reveals PRISM’s Brother – Upstream
In early June, The Washington Post and The Guardian revealed through leaks provided by Edward Snowden that the NSA was in cahoots with major tech comp...
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Edward Snowden Predicted U.S. Response To His NSA Leaks
In early June, Edward Snowden, a former NSA contractor, worked with The Guardian and Washington Post to release a number of leaks regarding the NSA...
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New PRISM Slides Reveal How The NSA Collects And Analyzes Data
When the NSA spy programs were leaked in early June, President Obama and his administration assured Americans that the programs were subject to rigoro...
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Somebody’s Already Made A Movie About Edward Snowden
Well, that was fast. I humorously pondered earlier this week that a movie based on Edward Snowden’s life would be eventually made. Little did I ...
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Edward Snowden Will Release NSA Documents If He’s Caught
Over the past month, a number of NSA spy programs have been revealed thanks to some leaked documents that came from former NSA contractor Edward Snowd...
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Yeezus, Kanye West’s New Album, Reportedly Leaks
Ok, internet – you did it. You can pat yourself on the back. After days of clamoring over a possible leak date for Kanye West’s new album ...
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Edward Snowden on Twitter Is Not Who You Think He Is
It has been revealed that one Edward Snowden, a former technical assistant for the CIA, is the source of the leaked documents detailing the National S...
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NSA Whistleblower Comes Out, Congress Calls For Investigation
The NSA had a rough time of it last week. It was revealed on Wednesday that the spy agency was collecting phone records from millions of Verizon subsc...
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Nose Leaking Brain Fluid, Not Snot, Finds Arizona Man
Allergies can be crippling, but usually some choice drugs and patience can get even the worst allergy sufferers through allergy season. Suffering a ru...
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Samsung Galaxy S 4 Might Ship Earlier Than Expected
It was revealed last week that the Galaxy S 4 would be available for pre-order with AT&T on April 16. It was assumed that the launch would come s...
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Google Chromebook Pixel Revealed In Leaked Video [Rumor]
The Chromebooks of today aren’t exactly cutting edge. The budget notebook PCs are intended to bring the power of the Web to as many people as po...
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New Ubisoft Game “Osiris” Revealed in Leaked Trailer
[UPDATE] Ubisoft has provided Polygon with a statement that makes it clear Osiris is a dead project. [ORIGINAL] While Ubisoft is busy integrating a ne...
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Samsung Galaxy S IV Image Leaked [RUMOR]
A purported image of Samsung’s next flagship Android smartphone appeared online today. Courtesy SamMobile, the above picture depicts a device th...
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BlackBerry 10 Smartphone L-Series Leak Video Released
More than a month out from RIM’s scheduled unveiling of its BlackBerry 10 lineup on January 30, the leaks are already coming. Today, a Vietnames...
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Anonymous Celebrates Guy Fawkes Day With Defacements, Leaks And Protests
“Remember, remember the fifth of November.” It’s these words that mark the beginning of V for Vendetta, the 2006 film inspired by Al...
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“Password” Remains Top Password, “Jesus” Cracks the Top 25
People: What are you doing? This is just getting sad now. Remember all of those password leak stories you’ve seen in the last few months? How ma...
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