Nose Leaking Brain Fluid, Not Snot, Finds Arizona Man


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Allergies can be crippling, but usually some choice drugs and patience can get even the worst allergy sufferers through allergy season. Suffering a runny nose for over a year and a half, however, is another matter entirely. An Arizona man recently found that what he thought was allergies was actually brain fluid leaking from his nose.

According to a Fox 10 report, after suffering a leaking nose for 18 months, Joe Nagy was told by a doctor that the fluid coming from his nose was actually brain fluid. It turned out that Nagy had a hole in the membrane protecting his brain.

Doctors told Fox 10 that such a condition can be easy to miss, since many people simply assume they have a constantly running nose. Many patients find out about the problem when the fluid becomes infected. Nagy himself developed a serious case of meningitis just before undergoing brain surgery to repair his leaking membrane.

The surgery used cartilage from Nagy's nose to repair the membrane. It was successful and Nagy stated he was surprised by how quickly the issue was repaired.

"I was waiting for the dribble, you know?" said Nagy. "I was so used to it every day, I got a hanky, a cloth ready, a tissue. Nothing. And all of a sudden, it's never come back."