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Jeb Bush Fixes Social Security Number Leak, but People’s Email Addresses and Names Are Still Out in the Open
Earlier this week, The eGovernor (as the public apparently called him at some point) Jeb Bush released hundreds of thousands of emails from his tenure...
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Star Wars: Warwick Davis Returning; Secret Production Pics Leaked
The latest Star Wars: Episode VII news was probably going along as the J.J. Abrams’ team expected. The official Star Wars YouTube page carried a cut...
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New iPads ‘Leaked’ Include iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3
Well, there are the new iPads. Apple has done exactly what it wanted screwed up a bit and inadvertently unveiled the new line of iPads. What you see a...
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Snapchat Photo Hack, If Real, Wasn’t Snapchat’s Fault (Says Snapchat)
Photos taken and transmitted via Snapchat may or may not have leaked on Thursday, but if they did, Snapchat assures you that its servers were never br...
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Instagram Bolt? Leak Hints at New Photo Messaging App
It looks like Instagram may have accidentally spilled the beans on a new photo messaging app, titled “Bolt.” A banner notification was spo...
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iPhone 6 Battery Reportedly Leaked in New Photo
Apple’s next iPhone is still months away from being announced but the rumor mill surrounding the device is, as always, going strong. This week t...
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Assassin’s Creed Unity Announced For PS4, Xbox One And PC
It’s another year and that means another Assassin’s Creed game is coming our way. Unlike last year, however, this year will reportedly see...
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HTC M8 Home Screen Leaked On Twitter
Earlier this week, a number of leaks on Twitter gave us our first look at the HTC One successor – the HTC M8. The new device is expected to look...
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HTC One Successor Leaked Via Twitter [Rumor]
The HTC One was one of the best reviewed phones of 2013, but it wasn’t anywhere near the best selling. Regardless, HTC will be back at it again ...
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WashPost: NSA is Collecting Your Friends Lists
According to the Washington Post‘s latest documents provided by ex-contractor Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency routinely “harv...
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Is This What The iPhone 5S Looks Like? [Rumor]
At 1 p.m. EST today, Apple will unveil its latest iPhone to the world. It’s accepted at this point that the phone will be called the iPhone 5S, ...
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NSA Can Break Internet Encryption Technologies
The NSA can see pretty much everything you do online as long as it’s not encrypted. That’s at least what a Snowden leak from last month cl...
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Osama bin Laden Raid: New Details Leaked
While President Barack Obama’s administration prepares to annually declassify the number of people and businesses covered by National Security A...
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Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden, & The UK Fiasco
The last few days have been quite trying for those reporters at the Guardian that are trying to cover the Edward Snowden NSA story with any semblance ...
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This Is What A Legend Of Zelda Film Might Have Looked Like
Nintendo doesn’t exactly like the idea of letting others make movies based on their properties. I may like the Super Mario Bros. movie, but plen...
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Edward Snowden Offered a Job at Russian Social Network VK
Today, we got news that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden had been granted temporary asylum in Russia. That meant that he could leave the airport that ...
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Bradley Manning Verdict Gets The NMA Treatment
Bradley Manning, the whistleblower arrested for handing over classified Army documents to WikiLeaks, was found not guilty of aiding the enemy. He was,...
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New Leak Suggests NSA Can See Everything You Do Online
In early June, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed PRISM to the world. The secret NSA program allows the agency to collect communications fr...
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Edward Snowden May Finally Be Able To Enter Russia [Report]
One month ago, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden arrived in Russia from Hong Kong after leaking numerous secret NSA spy programs to the press. Sinc...
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Motorola’s Moto X Leaked Ahead Of August Reveal
Motorola is working on something big with Google. The phone – called the Moto X – represents the first major device launch since the compa...
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