Edward Snowden on Twitter Is Not Who You Think He Is

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It has been revealed that one Edward Snowden, a former technical assistant for the CIA, is the source of the leaked documents detailing the National Security Agency's massive surveillance initiative that involves major tech companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, are Microsoft (although they deny involvement).

Edward Snowden - he's your whistleblower.

@EdwardSnowden on Twitter - he's not your whistleblower.

In fact, he's just an estate agent, horse racing enthusiast, and lover of family, friends, and football.

The Twitter confusion has been interesting to watch:

The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald, the man responsible for bringing the leaks to our attention and profiling the whistleblower, has tweeted about the Twitter mix-up:

Twitter's Edward Snowden seems to be taking it in stride, which is good:

Sure, it's all funny to you I'm sure. Just wait until you're the subject of a Twitter mistaken identity.

Here's the real whistleblower:

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