Deja Vu: Another Bezos Company Sues Government Over Losing a Bid

Blue Origins is suing NASA over a failed bid to participate in the agency’s lunar contract, continuing a proud tradition of litigation when losing.

Tesla Settles Battery Voltage Lawsuit for $1.5 Million

Tesla has agreed to pay $1.5 million in a lawsuit over claims the company reduced the battery voltage in some vehicles via software.

Tesla Hit With a Whopping Norwegian Fine Over Throttling Charging Speed

Tesla has been ordered to pay customers in Norway $16,000 each for throttling battery charging speeds and capacity.

Google Sued for Allegedly Selling User Data

Google is facing another privacy-related lawsuit, this time for allegedly doing something the company promised it would never do: sell user data.

Trouble in Paradise? Cisco Sues to Keep Acacia Deal Alive

Cisco has sued Acacia to keep its $2.6 billion acquisition deal alive after Acacia tried to back out.

States Sue Google For Antitrust Violations

As predicted, a coalition of 10 states have sued Google for alleged monopolistic behavior in digital advertising. The DOJ filed a lawsuit against Google in October, accusing the company of abusing its monopoly in the search business. Shortly after, Texas…

Google Sued For Collecting Children’s Personal Data

Google is facing yet another privacy-related issue, with New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas suing the company for collecting children’s personal data.

Uber Taking LADOT to Federal Court

Uber is taking its battle against the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) over customer data to federal court.

Brazil Sides With Apple In iPhone Throttling Case

Brazilian courts have sided with Apple against accusations the company improperly throttled the performance of iPhones with weak batteries.

Google Cloud CEO Called Oracle Cloud ‘A Disgrace’

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian is on record as calling his former employer’s cloud offerings “a disgrace.”

Huawei Takes Legal Action Against Verizon Alleging Patent Infringement

Huawei has announced it is taking legal action against Verizon, alleging patent infringement by the wireless carrier, according to a company press release. The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Courts for the Eastern and Western Districts of…

NJ Bans Clearview; Company Faces Potential Class-Action

Facial recognition firm Clearview AI is facing a potential class-action lawsuit, while simultaneously being banned from being used by NJ police, according to separate reports by the New York Times (NYT) and CNET. The NYT is reporting that Clearview has…

Uber and Postmates Sue to Block California’s Gig Economy Law

Reuters is reporting that Uber and Postmates have filed a lawsuit in an attempt to block a California law that would have severe ramifications for both companies. California’s Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law that makes it more difficult for…

Linda Hogan Bitter Over Hulk’s $140 Million Win In Court, Calls It ‘Dirty Money’

Linda Hogan, Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife, is criticizing the former wrestler for taking “dirty money.” Hulk Hogan has won another $25 million in damages in relation to his multi-million dollar sex tape lawsuit against Gawker. The court initially awarded him $115…

Hulk Hogan’s $140 Million Win In Court

Hulk Hogan’s fight for his privacy regarding the leaked sex tape published by Gawker a decade ago has resulted in the former WWE wrestler being awarded $140 million and he is now talking about the win for the first time.…

Hulk Hogan Testifies Against Bubba ‘The Love Sponge’ Clem In $100 Million Sex Tape Lawsuit

American Wrestler Hulk Hogan gave his testimony on Monday for his $100 million invasion of privacy lawsuit against his best friend, Bubba “the Love Sponge” Clem and gossip website Gawker in relation to his 2006 sex tape. Hulk Hogan testifies…

Brianne Altice: Lawsuit Against School in Teacher Sex Case Dismissed

A lawsuit against the Utah school district which employed convicted sex offender and former teacher Brianne Altice has been dismissed. Altice, 35, pleaded guilty back in April to three counts of forcible sex abuse, admitting she had sexual encounters with…

Lindsay Lohan In Another Court Battle In London

Lindsay Lohan thought she had put all her worries behind her. After an 11th-hour dash that finally fulfilled her public service probation requirements in the United States, Lindsay Lohan seemed set. She was no longer on probation, no longer wanted…

Uber Sued Again Over Employee / Contractor Issue

Uber’s stance has always been that it’s a software company. Uber connects people wanting a ride to those offering a ride. It’s a logistics company. Uber simply connects third-party contractors with customers. Its drivers are independent contractors, not employees. That…

50 Cent Now Ordered To Pay Even More, Despite Filing For Bankruptcy

50 Cent said he had a decent legal team, but he may be wondering that now. After 50 Cent took the shrewd measure of filing bankruptcy in Connecticut to protect himself from being sued into the poor house, a jury…