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Tag: Korea

Verizon the First US Wireless Company to Offer International 5G
Verizon has become the first US wireless carrier to strike an international 5G roaming deal....
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ROKIT Announces Three New 3D Printers
ROKIT may not be as instantly identifiable as MakerBot or 3D Systems, but the Korean 3D printer manufacturer should definitely be on your radar. The c...
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Groupon Now Officially Owns Ticket Monster (Formerly Of LivingSocial)
Groupon announced an agreement to acquire LivingSocial’s Ticket Monster when it reported its Q3 earnings in November. On Friday, Groupon announc...
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North Korea Executes 80 for Bad TV, Having a Bible
In the past year, North Korea came under international criticism when details of gulag-like prisons leaked out from defectors. Although the world reac...
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iPhone 5S: As Apple declines, Samsung, Chinese smell blood
Tomorrow, Apple is slated to bring fresh produce to the technology meat-market with an evolved iPhone 5 dubbed iPhone 5S. The Apple faithful are also ...
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20 Injured, BB Guns Shot At LG G2 Promotion
Last week, LG announced its new flagship Android smartphone, the G2. The device’s differentiating feature is that the buttons traditionally foun...
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South Korea’s FTC Clears Google Of Unfairly Using Android For Search
It looks like Google has won another antitrust battle, this time in South Korea. The country’s antitrust watchdog has reportedly decided to acqu...
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Plane Crash in San Francisco: Tail Came Loose
An Asiana Airlines flight from Seoul, South Korea has crash landed at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday, killing two and injuring at lea...
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New N. Korea Threats Issued Following Celebration
On Monday, the citizens of North Korea celebrated the 101st birthday of Kim Il-Sung, the first leader of the country and the grandfather of its curren...
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Student Dies In Sand Pit After It Collapsed On Him
“Student dies in sand pit” is not something you want to wake up to in the morning. There’s enough problems in the world today that w...
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Diablo III Complaints Cause Blizzard Seoul Raid
It’s hard launching a blockbuster video game these days. Even if you work for a decade and spend hundreds of millions of dollars in development,...
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UFO Spotted By South Korean Airline Passengers
Over the weekend, a passenger on a flight over Seoul, South Korea captured what appeared to be a UFO buzzing the aircraft. In the video, the unidentif...
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YouTube Adds “Shows” Page For Korean TV Fans
YouTube announced on its blog yesterday that it is adding a Shows page for Korean viewers. The page will organize the wide variety of Korean televisio...
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South Korean Arrested For Retweeting “Long Live Kim Jong-il”
We told you last week how it was a war crime to use a smart phone in North Korea. It’s also apparently a crime to retweet the North Korean twitter a...
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Apple / Google Apps Refund Policy under Scrutiny in Korea
Many Korean consumers are growing cautious of apps available from online stores due to constrictive refund policies.  Those who find apps to be less ...
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iPhone 5 Rumor: Samsung To Block Sales In Korea?
According to Samsung execs, there’s already a plan in motion to stop the sales of the upcoming iPhone 5 in Korea. Of course the phone is not onl...
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Twitter Launches In Korean
Twitter usage has increased a lot in South Korea over the last year, and it may soon skyrocket.  Late yesterday, Twitter announced that it has...
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Korean Police Raid Google’s Offices Over Street View
In spite of the apologies Google's issued and the corrective actions the company's taken, Google's Street View-related problems appear to be growin...
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Android Market Sales Commence In Korea
South Korea has a reputation for being home to some of most ardent smartphone users in existence, and Android devices are supposed to be among the ...
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