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Mycroft, the Open Source Virtual Assistant Project, Is Out of Money
Mycroft, the open source, privacy-respecting alternative to Amazon Echo and Google Home is shutting down after running out of money....
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New York Times Tech Workers Certify Their Union
The Times Tech Guild is now the biggest US-based tech union with bargaining rights, following a National Labor Relations Board election certifying the...
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New York Times Tech Workers Unionize
Tech workers at The New York Times have formed a union, part of an ongoing trend within the tech industry....
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Workers at Medium Are Forming the Newest Tech Union
Workers at Medium are the latest group of tech employees that have decided to unionize, in an industry where the concept was once foreign....
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Kickstarter Employees Unionize In Groundbreaking Decision
In a statement on the company’s blog, CEO Aziz Hasan voiced cautious support. Hasan's tone is not surprising giving how much Kickstarter opposed the...
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Kickstarter Launches Recommendations To Help Projects Find the Right People
Kickstarter just announced the launch of a new Recommendations feature, which should help projects get in front of the right people (or at least some ...
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Kickstarter Launches ‘Projects We Love’ Badge
There are a ton of projects launched on Kickstarter all the time, and now, the crowdfunding platform has a new way to highlight stand-out projects. On...
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Kickstarter Finally Comes to Android
It’s hard to believe, but Kickstarter hasn’t had an Android app until now. They launched an iOS app about three years ago, but despite hav...
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Should Entrepreneurs Seek Crowdfunding?
A lot of entrepreneurs in todays landscape must decide whether or not to go the crowdfunding route. If you ask multi-billionaire Richard Branson, you&...
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Yelp Documentary ‘Billion Dollar Bully’ Reaches Funding Goal
Last week, a Kickstarter campaign kicked off to raise money for a documentary called Billion Dollar Bully, which delves into accusations about Yelp...
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Exploding Kittens Breaks Records For Crowdfunding
Exploding Kittens closed down their crowdfunding site on Kickstarter Thursday. The old-school card game began their month long crowdfunding drive with...
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Exploding Kittens Most Successful Games Kickstarter Ever
Exploding Kittens is an analog card game for 2-5 players. It is also incredibly highly aniticipated. Exploding Kittens closed down its crowd funding w...
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“Exploding Kittens” Creator Getting Ulcers
“Exploding Kittens” is now the most-backed kickstarter campaign in the history of Kickstarter. The card game, which revolves around, well,...
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Tumblr Gets A Buy Button, Partners With Etsy, Artsy, Kickstarter, DoSomething
Tumblr is the latest social media platform to add a buy button enabling users to purchase items from posts. As you may know, such a feature is current...
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‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Lego Form
The Big Bang Theory will soon be produced in a whole new way. Lego announced it’s going to create a set based on the hit CBS show. Following in ...
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NoPhone: Kickstarter Campaign for Fake Phone Raises $18,000 of $5,000 Goal
It’s being pitched as the “New and Unimproved NoPhone,” and called “a technology-free alternative to constant hand-to-phone contact that allow...
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Kickstarter Adds Shipping Options
Kickstarter announced the addition of a new feature that includes more built-in options for managing shipping of rewards for contributors. As the comp...
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Marty McFly Hoverboard Could Become Reality Through Kickstarter
For those who grew up in the 80s, a childhood dream could be close at hand. Californian architect Greg Henderson has developed a hoverboard that float...
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Kickstarter Opens Up in Scandinavia, Ireland
Kickstarter has just opened up projects in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Ireland – so if you’re a creator in one of those countries you can lau...
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Zach Braff Describes Odd Kickstarter Requests
Zach Braff was so grateful when the film he wrote and directed with his brother, Wish I Was Here, got fully funded on Kickstarter that he agreed to so...
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