Google Ventures Posts Interview With Biz Stone

Google Ventures has released a new video interview with Christopher Stone (conducted by partner, Digg founder, and noted raccoon thrower Kevin Rose). Stone, better known by his nickname Biz, is the co-founder of Twitter, as well as the CEO and…

Digg Founder Kevin Rose Chucked a Raccoon Down Some Stairs Over the Weekend [VIDEO]

On Saturday, at approximately 1 in the morning, Digg founder Kevin Rose chucked a raccoon down a flight of stairs. I know you all just went “what in the actual f**k are you talking about” – but before you start…

Kim Dotcom Wins $4.83 Million In Latest High Court Ruling

It’s been a little over eight months since Kim Dotcom’s house was raided and all of his assets were seized. The Megaupload founder has been fighting for the return of his assets ever since. After numerous roadblocks and only a…

Digg Founder Kevin Rose Abandons Reddit AMA (But He’s Coming Back, He Says)

Redditors happy to talk to Digg founder Kevin Rose were left hanging Tuesday evening when he failed to answer a single question in his verified AMA session. At around 10 pm EST Tuesday night, Kevin Rose (thekevin on reddit) posted…

Kevin Rose And The Milk Team Officially Working For Google

We reported yesterday on a rumor that Kevin Rose and his team at Milk had been hired by Google. They were just rumors yesterday and I bet that there would be an official announcement within a few days. It seems…

Google Hires Digg Founder Kevin Rose

It was only yesterday that Kevin Rose and his company Milk were already on the down and out after shutting down Oink. Well, Rose is back on the upswing again with Google hiring him. AllThingsD got the exclusive that had…

Oink Over Says Milk’s Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, has decided to shut down Oink, the first app from his new company, Milk. On March 31st, the app will be closed down after just over four months. Oink was downloaded over 100,000 times in…

Kevin Rose Still at Digg, Diggs up 20%

There has been a lot of talk about the “death” of Digg and how Kevin Rose has distanced himself from the site, while he works on a different startup. According to Digg, Rose is still sticking around, and they’re not…

Digg Has Found Its CEO

Update 2: Rose has now put up the offiical announcement. He writes:

I’d like to update you on the latest change at Digg. After several months of searching, we are excited to announce that Matt Williams will become the CEO of Digg. As you know, I have been the interim CEO, while we looked for the right person, and I will still remain actively involved in the product, but am handing over the day-to-day running of the business to Matt...

New Digg Rolls Out to Mainstream [Updated with Walkthrough Video]

Yesterday, Digg gave publishers (including WebProNews) thousands of invitations to extend to their readers for the new version of Digg. Now today, Digg has begun rolling out the new version of the site to the mainstream.

Digg founder Kevin Rose announced today (via Twitter) that they’re going forward with the launch:

Kevin Rose Says Apple Will Take Down the Cable/Satellite Industry

Digg founder Kevin Rose is at it again. Earlier this year he was dropping rumors about Google working on a new social network project (which has since become known as "Google Me", though this is an unconfirmed name). Now he is saying Apple TV, a new set-top box from Apple running iOS will not only be out in September, but will "change everything."

Group Accused of Politically Gaming Digg

Digg is looking into accusations that a conservative group has been gaming the site to bury content it deems too liberal.

What Would Google Have to Do to Make You Stop Using Facebook?

Last week, it was talk about how Facebook’s "going to war" with Google. This was based on Facebook using "likes" as relevance indicators in it’s search results. As some pointed out, Facebook has a long way to go when it comes to competing with Google in search. Bing stands to gain more than anyone, as far as Facebook improving its search is concerned.

Digg Dropping DiggBar, Unbanning Domains

Just yesterday, news of Digg CEO Jay Adelson stepping down came out of nowhere, and Founder Kevin Rose was announced to be stepping in. It didn’t take long for some changes to start being made.

Digg CEO Steps Down, Founder Steps in

Digg CEO Jay Adelson has announced he is stepping down from the position to pursue some entrepreneurial concepts of his own. He’s served for five years, and will be replaced in the interim, by Digg Founder Kevin Rose.

Big Changes on the Horizon for Digg

Digg Founder Kevin Rose did an interview with The UK’s Telegraph, and revealed that Digg has some big and "drastic" plans for redesigning the Digg experience. A couple of quotes from the piece: